Thinking Downsizing: Hire Right Outplacement Service Provider!

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Is your organization facing a downturn? When the going gets tough you need to make tough decisions sometimes to make ensure a sound future for the business. But these decisions may want you to downsize sometimes to reduce costs and at other times to remove the redundancy. When you decide for it, you will want your employees to be able to do well even after they stop being part of your company.

Now you want to help these employees, and doing so is quite easy with outplacement services from a reputed provider. They help your people in finding the right opportunities. But then how do you hire the right provider?

First You Should Understand the Service…

When you go for such service, it comes with career management tools like:

  • Personality and the assessment of the skills.
  • How to showcase your skills effective while seeking jobs
  • Preparation for the interview
  • Resume and cover letter writing

These are a few things that should be provided free to those employees whom you want to consider for outplacement services. These programs are delivered by the career transition specialists who have rendered multiple such pieces of training in the past.  The mode of delivery may be online or through face-to-face programs. But the services that are rendered are often dependent on the budget you have.

Then Come the Benefits…

The employees who you have chosen to for the service will surely benefit from the service they are going to get.  They will come to know everything about searching for work in a competitive market. It results in a significant reduction in the time which is taken to get re-employed at a similar level or a better one than what they were having. Some obvious benefits of the service are:

  • Parting employees who will get such service are less likely to involve into legal issues for their abrupt dismissal
  • You will not have to employ an in-house team for this saving you a lot of precious time to focus on other key things.
  • Your company’s brand will not be affected negatively the reputation of the business will get damaged.
  • Those employees who continue to be part of the organization know that your company cares about its employees so will not have any apprehensions while working with you.

With outplacing, you are making the right decision and it proves you ethically correct. As a decision maker, you will not have to feel guilty about letting go your best team members when only the bad economy is the culprit.

But how do you find the right provider?

There are numerous things that come into play when you evaluating a provider. Here are some important things to consider:

  • Expertise: Does the provider has the expertise in providing such services? Has he rendered these services to any company which has a similar business like yours? What kind of services they have rendered and what was its nature? You need to ask these questions to judge the expertise of the service provider.
  • Customization- Every business is unique so their employees have unique outplacement needs as well.  Is the provider capable of accommodating to your needs? Can he deliver the results even if there are some challenges? How soon the results are going to be there?  When you try to find answers to questions like these, you will realize whether the provider has the flexibility to accommodate your needs. It is crucial to find this out as inflexibility may lead to a failed solution.
  • Mode of Delivery-How the training will be rendered. Will it be purely online or there will be some live coaching as well. The best thing would be to have the career transition specialists who can take real-time discussions and also provide the needed feedback.
  • Training Your People-Are your people unaware about downsizing? There are some providers who go the extra mile to train your people on how lay-off properly. If you are planning a large lay-off, you will need an outplacement agency who can help you in handling the logistics and also provide the on-site support.

In the End

When you keep these factors in mind, you will find the provider who will render the services you need!

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