This Tourist Guide Will Tell You All You Need To Know Before Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong Tour

Hong Kong Tour


Hong Kong has transformed itself into a major port, important financial center, global business hub and an emerging tourist destination in a short period of time. The urban Centre has developed into a modern, vibrant and tourist friendly location. There is no denying that it is now a majorly popular place among travelers from all over the world. This tourist guide will help you plan the perfect vacation to Hong Kong. Discover what this amazing destination has to offer!

1. When to Visit and preferred airline

The good thing about Hong Kong is that it has a subtropical climate, with mild and dry winters. However, it does get hot and humid in the summer season. August should be out of the question due to the high chances of rain all month long. March, April, and May could be ideal in terms of temperature as it turns quite pleasant. Autumn season can also be considered ideal for a visit as the days become sunny and clear. Autumn lasts from October to end of November in Hong Kong.

Once you know when the best time to visit is, the next big question is which airline would be perfect for the journey to Hong Kong. We are Cathay Pacific fans all the way. Even for other international destinations, Cathay Pacific is a perfect choice, so naturally, it is perfect for Hong Kong too. Good service, punctuality, and safety are a few attributes of the airline.

2. The Best Shopping Malls

Hong Kong is now considered a shopping hub, boasting fancy malls with branded shops as well as cheap markets, selling replicas of famous brands. Here are some must visit shopping areas in Hong Kong.

  1. Times Square Hong Kong
  2. Ladies market
  3. Temple Street Market
  4. Jade Market
  5. Jardine’s Crescent Market
  6. The Landmark Mall
  7. Pacific Place
  8. Harbor City

3. The Best Accommodation Choices

There is no shortage of good places for accommodation in Hong Kong. Below are the best choices:

  1. Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
  2. Hotel LKF by Rhombus
  3. Hotel Madera Hong Kong
  4. The Peninsula Hong Kong
  5. Mira Moon Hotel
  6. Conrad Hong Kong

4. The Top Attractions in Hong Kong

There is plenty to see and do in Hong Kong, which is the main reason why the place has become so popular among travelers. Listed below are the top attractions in this Chinese special administrative region.

  1. Ocean Park Hong Kong
  2. Hong Kong Disneyland
  3. Golden Bauhinia Square
  4. Victoria Harbor
  5. Peak Tram
  6. Avenue of Stars
  7. Kowloon Park
  8. Tai Mo Shan
  9. Victoria Peak
  10. Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum
  11. Victoria Park
  12. Hong Kong Science Museum
  13. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens
  14. Madam Tussauds Hong Kong
  15. Hong Kong Wetland Park
  16. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
  17. Man Mo Temple
  18. Repulse Bay
  19. Lama Island
  20. Lantau Island

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