5 Magical Tips To Improve Your Baby Sleeping Patterns

Baby Sleeping

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You baby or toddler’s sleep is very important for their development and growth. You should therefore do everything within your power to ensure that you child gets adequate sleep daily by making sure that they adhere to your set sleeping pattern.

However, there are times when you do not have an idea or ideas run out on how to ensure that your young bundle of joy sleeps adequately, right? Well below are some great tips and ideas on how to ensure that your child sleeps better.

Baby Sleeping
Photo’s Source: Bigstockphoto.com

Set A Pattern

According to a number of healthy sleep experts, you should not wait until your baby starts rubbing their eyes or yawning to put them to bed. You should observe the time that they usually wind down and make that time their bedtime. Ensure that you stick to this pattern as it will help the child to sleep. You can use the time just prior to their bed time to calm them down.

About thirty or an hour to your baby’s sleep time, you should perform a calming ritual like bathing them or reading them a story or two. The same case ought to apply when it comes to their naptime. You should also set a pattern for their naptime to enable the baby sleep easily. You can sing her favorite songs or turn on some brain wave music to lull them to sleep.

Baby Sleeping
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Aim For The Same Time And Place

As stated above, being consistent with a baby’s nap or bedtime helps them to get adequate sleep. You should not put your baby to sleep at a later time as it may interfere with their sleeping schedule. It is also advisable to ensure that your child identifies their regular sleeping spot. They should get used to sleeping in their crib as it helps them sleep comfortably. Occasionally, you can let your child take a nap in the car or in some other place especially in unavoidable circumstances, but make sure that he/she knows their spot.

Creating A Cozy Sleep Environment

Your baby’s sleep environment forms a key quality to their quality sleep. You should ensure that your baby’s crib has a firm and comfortable mattress, warm blankets and the room temperature should be right. The bedroom should also be welcoming and her sleeping attire should be comfy. If your child uses diapers, ensure that you go for good and comfortable overnight diapers to minimize the times you have to change her at night as it may disrupt the baby’s sleep. You cannot go wrong on this front by using best cloth diapers like pockets diapers or hybrid diapers for night time. They are highly absorbent, adjustable and therefore not easily susceptible to leaks or keeping your baby uncomfortable.

Baby Sleeping
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Providing The Right Nutrition

It is important to note that the foods you feed to your baby affect their sleepiness and energy levels. Foods rich in carbohydrates have been found to have a calming effect on their bodies while sugar or protein-rich foods are known for generating alertness. A higher degree of alertness is experienced when you feed your child in these sugar and protein-rich foods alone.

You should watch the type of food you serve your baby just before bedtime in order to ensure that they fall to sleep without any fuss. A few great ideas for food to serve them before bed include cheese, peanut butter and bagel, yogurt, oatmeal with bananas and a low-sugar granola. It is advisable to note that vitamin deficiencies arising from unhealthy food choices affect a child’s sleep and you should provide them with better nutrition.

Teaching Your Child to Relax

You can train your child to relax just before their bedtime by exploiting their biological clock to your advantage. This will help you ensure that they are tired when their bedtime arrives to boost their sleep quality. Darkness increases the release of the sleep hormone in our bodies, and you can influence your child’s sleepiness by dimming their lights just before their actual bedtime arrives. You can read them a good bedtime story as the quiet stillness will make them sleepy and eventually lead them to fall into deep slumber. You could also help them relax by playing soothing brain wave music for them as it works in a magical way.

Baby Sleeping
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Working with all these ideas will help you realize some improvements in the sleeping pattern of your child and yours too. It is important to invest in a good brand of overnight diapers for your toddler to reduce the chances of your baby waking up due to wetness. The best option that will ensure your baby sleeps soundly is by using cloth diapers for the baby.


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