Tips To Remember When You Go On A Safari

We all love safari especially the little kids. Safari is the best outing that you can go on. It is also the one that you must be most alert in. hence; you can find hundreds of books telling you what to do and what not to do while you are at it. Apart from the advice, what matters is that you must have the best time of your life. But, safety is of prime importance. After all, you are dealing with the wild animals. So, there are some handy tips that you must carry in your mind when you go on a safari.

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Here are some things that you must know when you are going on a safari:

Be prepared

A safari is not a theme park. Yes, it is as much fun and exhilarating, but dangerous too. So, you must always come prepared. When you are going on a safari, you will not be in the comforts of the city or your house. So, make sure you carry your most essentials like water and some energy bars. Food must be minimum with maximum nutrition in it. Keep the luggage light, but do take everything that is necessary for a safari. Binoculars, a hat, sun glasses, camera and other stuff are not to be forgotten. If you are staying in there at the night, a safari tent is necessary. But you will need permission to set up the tent. Consult the safari tent manufacturers for the best tent for your stay.

Be careful

In the zoo or the circus, you will be dealing with trained animals. They are not going to be as ferocious. But in a safari, you will meet the real wild animals in their habitat. They are not going to fake their actions. So, you will have to absolutely behave yourself and maintain safe distance from the animals. The best thing that you can do is follow the instructions of your driver or your guide who is responsible of your tour. Never ignore the caution of the sign bored, officials and natives. They will know more about the place than you ever will.

Be a good citizen

Where ever you are, it is important that you be a good citizen of the country first. Do not attempt to break rules or do something unethical. This will only make things dangerous and deadly too. Remember that it is a natural habitat of wild animals and it must be preserved. Do not dirty or pollute the place with plastic, food and other manmade stuff. Leave the place like it was when you entered it. Do not try and feed the animals, do not throw litter around, do not pollute the luxury safari tents and finally do not harm the animals. Be a friendly person who the animals and the nature will love to welcome again someday.

You would have spent so many days planning the safari holiday. It is up to you to make it a memorable one. Plan well ahead and follow all the rules properly to have a wonderful time.

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