Tips to keep in mind when a brochure acts as the digital face of your company

Always remember that the grand glam of digital world is nothing without a brochure. A brochure acts as a mirror which must reflect the flawless image of your business or company. A printed brochure is just like a spokesperson helping to communicate your message and expanding your brand reach to wider audience. How? The answer to how is that how ‘wow’ fully a brochure behaves like a knowledge treasure holding much needed information or content for its potential customers. Just like your name a brochure speaks a lot about your business. So, make sure that the design is good enough to catch the required attention of its target clients.

Your company’s face must be able to interact with its brochure’s bold features and leave its visible mark on its audience. Therefore, you need to choose the best kind of brochure software to make a brochure for your company.


  • com: FlipHTML5 will never fail you and it is one of the most highly recommended online brochure software. It helps you design communicative CSS3 jQuery & HTML5 flipping brochure from PDFs. Also it comes up with its special feature helping you to craft personalized brochure with complete customization.

FlipHTML5 is just like a first day college orientation where it gives the audience the maximum amount of liberty to not only talk but also know, learn, act and create brochure. FlipHTML5 ties animation, multimedia and customization with one single thread to drive full audience engagement.

  • magplus: With magplus you can bring your content to life and create amazing brochures including interactive elements to make your brochure stand out. Mobile devices are the best digital showcases for your brochures and magplus’s content works flawlessly on various mediums such as tablets and phones. Now you can take your creativity to a new level and design your brochure all by yourself with this online brochure maker.

Once your app is on your users’ devices, publishing your content—documents, issues, push notifications, or live   feeds—is as simple as uploading a file and pushing a button.

  • Canva: Canva is just like a canvas stretching itself to convert any individual into a creative designer. This simple design software helps you create professionalized brochures. As they say: “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Canva puts its best of efforts to highlight the authentic information in naturally beautiful manner. It comes up with simple drag-and-drop brochure maker and creates a visually appealing brochure.
  • MyCreativeShop: MyCreativeShop helps you to easily create awesome brochures. And the best part is that it is absolutely free of cost enabling the free flow of creativity. Overall, it is fun-loving, easy-going and super fast way to give birth to a wonderful brochure.
  • PubHTML5: Want to gift a brochure that acts like funky specs helping you to see and access your wider audience. Then you must own PubHTML5 ka chasma to clearly view your audience set. This free brochure software helps to strengthen the digital position of your brochure with its strong marketing strategies. It is one of the best brochure software to help you build digital brochure for both print and web.
  • Publitas: Publitas help you to transform your simple PDF into a smart brochure that gracefully runs itself on PC, Mac, iOS & Android. This online brochure maker is a performer as it enriches your digital face with multiple and unique content (images, text, multimedia and so on).
  • Webpublication: Webpublication helps you to perform and outperform with its capacity to give consistent and creative brochures. It stuns its audience by creating larger than life brochures by inserting videos, HD images, sounds, interactive forms, shopping cart or other animations to your brochures. It presents its two versions of your digital brochure (Flash and HTML5) which helps to shake hands with ‘n’ number of people across the globe and enlarge your readership.
  • Flipsnack: If you are short of time and want to create a brochure. Then, Flipsnack comes as a savior and helps you to create a simple and easy brochure. It easily converts your PDFs into digital flipbooks and makes it easily accessible everywhere from any device.
  • SmartDraw: SmartDraw, the smartest crayon to draw anything. It assists in production of a brochure easily. It is not at time consuming. SmartDraw is helps improve efficiency with its high-quality digital brochures.
  • 3dissue: The power of 3dissue helps to attain more attention with its communicative features, animations and a thirst to act creatively. With the effective use of 3dissue, you can enrich your brochure with more interactive elements and more depth professionally.

Now you have got paints and brushes. So, what are you waiting for? Go and design your own brochure!!

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