Tips to keep your cards safe while shopping online

With over 120 million consumers expected to shop online by 2018, improved logistics and delivery channels are expected to further fuel this trend in the coming years. Buyers often use their credit cards to pay for goods purchased online, as credit card holders get attractive discounts from retailers. Without doubt online shopping with rbl credit cards spells ease and convenience. However, it’s essential to exercise caution while doing so to keep your card safe and secure. Here are some tips to ensure the safety of your cards while shopping online.

Shop from genuine and trusted e-commerce websites

To ensure the safety of your credit card, it’s essential to shop from genuine and trusted e-commerce websites. Today, hackers can design a fake website with the same interface and layout as that of an original one, with a slightly different URL. Hence, before making any purchase, do establish the authenticity of the portal.

Make sure the site’s URL starts with ‘https’

While shopping online, make sure the portal’s URL starts with ‘https’. The ‘s’ stands for Secure and makes sure that the data transmitted between the server and the browser is encrypted.

A site without ‘https’ transmits data in plaintext form, thereby making it easy for hackers to access. Today, browsers warn users in case they navigate to a site that’s potentially dangerous. While shopping online, if you tend to visit such a site, it’s advisable to close it as soon as possible.

Avoid storing card details online

This is one mistake that must be avoided at all costs. Never store your card details online. Often, shopping sites prompt users whether they can remember the details fed while making payments. The box asking so must be unchecked as storing details over the web is potentially dangerous.

Shoppers usually do so in websites they use frequently to avoid entering card details every time they transact. However, this small mistake can prove costly. Along with the monetary loss, the hassles associated with recovering money after an online fraud is insurmountable. Therefore, it’s advisable never to store card details online.

Make transactions from your personal computer

While shopping online using your credit card, make sure you do so from your own personal computer and not on computers in a cybercafe that run on a shared network. Computers on a shared network are vulnerable to cyber attacks as they don’t have a robust security system in place. Most of these machines run on outdated software and OS.

Hence, it’s critical that you transact on a PC that you use at home for personal purposes. Also, note that your computer must have an updated anti-virus and firewall.

Ensure your credit card has robust built-in security features

Make sure the credit card with which you intend to pay online has robust built-in security features. For instance, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is equipped with features such as “In-hand security” and “Zero-fraud liability cover” to bring down threats of cybercrime. This card also allows you interest-free cash withdrawal from ATMs for up to 50 days and convert your card’s limit into a personal loan and get interest free cash for up to 90 days.

Now that you know how to use credit card while shopping online, follow these tips for an easy and safe shopping experience.

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