Tips and Tricks for Travellers – Get Maximum Journey With Low Budget

Tips and Tricks for Travellers

For travellers, you must know tips and trick when travelling to many places. You must have your own concept when vacation. However you can get the maximum journey with a minimal budget. Using mass transportation is recommended to minimalize your budget. You can book the tickets on Easybook. If you want to go to Woodlands from JB or vice versa, you can see the train schedule at

Here are tips and tricks for you to travel with low budget.

  1. Research

Do not underestimate the research before you travel, find as much info as possible about the tourist attraction would you visit, you can look at travel blogsor forums on the internet.

  1. Budget

Determine the minimum budget needed for transport, accommodation and meal costs everyday, then exaggerate about 30% in case. With the initial budget, you will suffer from limitations and avoid the costs of unnecessary.

  1. Use public transport

Avoid to use private transportation, you can choose train or bus. It offers cheaper ticket than a plane ticket. By using the train / bus, you can simultaneously enjoy the scenery through the way. Easybook offers the tickets of public transportation to you. Yo can use KTM Shuttle to go to woodlands from JB and vice versa, check the schedule at

  1. Take advantage of the internet

In the world of Internet Traveling role is very great, because with the Internet you can search for info about the sights that will / are you guys go, can also find other interesting references places in your destination now.

  1. Find a decent cheap accommodation

In this option, you can take advantage of internet sites that provide reference inn or hotel that would cost close to a tourist attraction that will you visit, and usually there will be discounts or rebates at the end of each month.

  1. Bring food and mineral water from home

Bring lunch from home, you can bring food and drinks are easy to carry and does not interfere with your trip, such as bread, snacks, cereals and beverages mineral water which will save your expenses.

  1. Don’t eat at the restaurant

Do not be the one who spoiled when traveling, especially for the affairs of the stomach, you can buy cheap food in the sidewalk. Avoid to eat at restaurant. The food on the restaurant is more expensive. Eat on street vendors will be cheaper, it  would be savings on your Traveling budget.

  1. Find info for free attraction

Thre are many interesting travel sites that do not require entrance fees. Many places usually are not far from the main tourist right. Ask the locals, or enter keywords on Google and searching for info about this, because it will save you money big enough. Maybe you should avoid to visit tourist spots, because there will spend more money

  1. Buy souvenirs in the traditional market

Don’t buy expensive souvenirs, choose the unique souvenirs but have low prices. You can bargain the prices in traditional markets is a natural thing, use your best bargaining skills and you will not regret.

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