Top 3 Residential Localities to Choose in Vijayawada?


Vijayawada is the third largest city located on the Banks of the River Krishna in Andhra Pradesh with great connectivity and industrial development. The city is positively heading towards being the next global city soon as many MNCs are situated here and many more are coming up. Additionally, the land fertility of areas like Tadigadapa Vijayawada and developing infrastructure is making more and more people to own a property here considering its future prospects.

The development in this city came hand in hand with the British. Since it became a major city with many industries situated in the area, it also developed better transit options. The six-lane links Vijayawada to NH5. Bus Rapid Transit System connects Vijayawada with many other corridors and makes transportation smooth and easy. In this article we will tell you about top 3 residential localities in Vijayawada.

Tadigadapa Vijayawada

Tadigadapa is a fast growing residential locality in Vijayawada. Many real estate companies are choosing this locality to build their housing projects for the ever increasing demand of flats for sale in Vijayawada. This locality has some very reputed educational institutions and hospitals. The connectivity offered by Tadigadapa Vijayawada is also great. The locality is surrounded by many well known corporate offices thus many people working in these offices choose Tadigadapa to dwell in. Being close to markets and shops every living is made convenient.

Kanuru Road

Kanuru Road is the educational hub in Vijayawada. Some of the reputable schools located here are Sri Rama Vidya Nikethan, Superwhizz College, Kennedy High School, Carmel Vidhya Bhavan, Narayana Olympiad School etc. There are also some of the best colleges and universities located here which draws many students in this area every year. Being surrounded by commercial areas, many young professionals choose this place to live in. So people are investing in this area to own a property and many people are renting them to the students who come to study here. There are several PGs and flats on rent available.

Sanath Nagar

Sanath Nagar is one of the most sought after residential area in Vijayawada. It is also an industrial area so the area has an increasing demand for accommodation for the officers and workers. It has many social infrastructures like schools, parks, shops, restaurants etc. Czech Colony, Subhash Nagar Colony, Jayaprakash Nagar Colony etc are the nearby localities that surround Sanath Nagar.

Software Technology Parks of India Project has made Vijayawada witness a population boom. The Gannavaram Airport has also significantly contributed to the development of the city. The tourism industry in Vijayawada has also attracted many real estate companies. Some of tourist attractions here include Kanaka Durga Temple, Prakasam Barrage, Undavali Caves, Bhavani Island, Rajiv Gandhi Park etc. According to the Swachh Sarvekshan 2017 survey, Vijayawada is the 19th cleanest city in India. This factor too makes the livability quotient of the area higher than the rest of the cities. So it is safe to say that the city is one of the top most sought after residential area in Andhra Pradesh.

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