Top 5 Challenges in Creating a Persuasive TV Commercial

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Marketing is all about creative and innovative thinking. It is true that TV ads are highly impactful and generates higher ROI than any other form of marketing. However, creating a TV commercial is not a cakewalk. Though, the advent of India’s first media planning and buying tool has completely redefined TV advertising.

This post talks about the top 5 challenges in creating a compelling TV commercial. Let’s take a glance at them.

Challenge 1: To Make It Interactive

If your ad is not interactive, it will not attract the target audience. No audience means no engagement, and without engagement, all your valuable resources like time, efforts, and the most importantly cost behind creating a TV commercial would end up in a fiasco. Therefore, making an ad interactive is one of the biggest challenges. Otherwise, it would appeal very common which in turn will not produce expected ROI and fruitful results for your business.

Challenge 2: To Engage In a Very Short Time Span

Without a doubt, TV commercials are powerful than any other form of marketing and a bit expensive too! Here you are charged per seconds, and in order to make every second count, you have to create something worthwhile. Reason? You get a very short time span, probably under a minute to convey your message.

Challenge 3: To Use a Powerful Preposition

You will not be able to leave a long lasting impression, until you use any compelling proposition. A compelling proposition helps you to trigger audience to take actions beneficial to your brand. So, create a compelling proposition and patent it to restrict other brands using the same tagline for their benefits. A powerful proposition is something that defines the aim or value of business.

Challenge 4: To Choose the Right Time Slot For Broadcasting

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Getting the right time for telecasting your ad is yet another challenge to make created commercial worthwhile. If you are willing to air your commercial on a popular TV channel in a prime time or in between a famous show or sports event, you have to pay extra which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Newly established companies having tight budgets may find it difficult to afford to pay a huge amount for getting their ads broadcasted. However, brands suffering from the budget problem can leverage Geo-targeted TV ads to pay less. Further, it helps you figure out how well your commercial is doing in different regions. If everything goes well, then choosing the prime time would be a smart move.

Challenge 5: To Use Baseline for Optimization

Never use the static baseline to identify in-media TV ad performance. Reason? Baselines are intrinsically dynamic and change within minutes or few moments. So, rather using historical data to calculate baseline leads, go for minute-by-minute baselines to see the performance in real-time.

Wrapping Up

Overcome the challenges mentioned above for creating a TV commercial that could boost your ROI.

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