Top 5 Important Tips for PHP Developers

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Are you an aficionado of web applications? Do you have any idea, at present, how many applications of the web have been built using PHP? Well, they are uncountable! This explains that how this web development framework is being used in the industry. From the past few years, web development industry has been releasing PHP’s different versions but among all, Yii framework has been able to gain incredible fame.

Because of its tremendous popularity, for web developers all over the world, it has become nearly impossible not to have even the basic working acquaintance of PHP. Basically, PHP is a worldwide used scripting language which can be embedded in HTML. Whether you are professional PHP developer or have just started learning, here are 5 important tips to help you out:

  • Do Not Forget OOP – It’s a Big Thing!

If you are in PHP development field and you haven’t stepped into the realm of OOP or Object Oriented Programming, then you are lacking behind and you need to keep up. It is a method of programming which involves classes and objects that reduce repetition of codes, thus helping in performing basic tasks without any hassle. As compared to other procedural programming methods, OOP is faster, simpler and without any doubt, easier to debug. Plus, it uses fewer codes and server resources which result in loading faster. If you want to restructure your programming development cycle, then go for OOP’s concept.

  • Keep Error Reporting ON

Just like everyone who wishes to complete their task error-free, developers also dream of running their projects and complete one without any errors. But, there is a saying “you never learn without making mistakes”. It states that there is not even one developer who has completed his project without doing any errors.

And the biggest mistake which you can do is to not know about your errors or ignoring them. So, whenever you start a new project, turn on error reports (E_ALL) and turn off 10 seconds before reaching production mode. This will surely help you run your projects without any errors.

  • Leverage on Inbuilt Functions of PHP

Do you want to perform your projects in the best way possible? For that, you must start using PHP’s inbuilt functions that are present just to give your work time a little boost. Every inbuilt function has its own meaning and you can use them to meet your deadlines and speed up while programming. Need a tool to count the keys in an array? Use a faster method by just using PHP’s function i.e. count() which performs your task just the way it must. Check out other functions too as all of them can save you some time.

  • Protect Your Database

Take your first step towards protecting your database from quotes or other functions which can harm your database and even contain malicious code. The effortless and faster to protect your database even before it is added to the database is to use mysql_real_escape_string(). Some other steps like not using $_REQUEST and validating GET and POST strings can help you in protecting your database.

  • Understand Your Project

An artist cannot paint something unless he has seen it before. Similarly, you cannot write a program for a project that you do not completely understand. Lack of proper knowledge of your project often leads to a challenging situation where you won’t be knowing what and how to deliver the result! No matter how big or small is a project, it requires specific coding featuring all details of needs of that project.

So, here we are with top 5 tips for PHP developers. Whether you are working in the Best PHP Development Company or just as freelance PHP developer, these tips will definitely help in enhancing the quality of your project.



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