Top 5 Mass Gain Supplements in India You’ve Always Wanted

The key rules of muscle gain are – Eat healthy, Exercise & Take quality supplements. These are the safest bet not only for those looking to put on some pounds but also for those trying to build lean muscle mass. However, it is important to maintain a well-planned diet rich in starch, protein and healthy fats. Intake of a muscle gain supplement can help in meeting the special calorie requirements of a person struggling to build muscles.

Importance of Weight Gainer Supplements

There are so many options available in India for mass gainer supplements that are essentially important for developing muscles and fitness in particular. These products provide high quality of protein, which is essential for the body and support and ensure following benefits:

  • Healthy Digestion
  • Fast Muscle Recovery
  • Help Gain Muscle Mass

In this article providing the list of 5 top selling mass gain supplements in India, helping people achieve their goals. Any type of supplement you choose tries to consult a doctor or fitness expert prior using them.

Top 5 Mass Gain Supplements in India

GNC Amplified Mass XXX @ Vanilla (6 Lbs)

50g of protein is what you get from one scoop of GNC Amplified Mass supplement. You will also get 3g of creatine for faster muscle recovery and lesser muscle soreness. The mass gain supplement has abundant calories & other ingredients that help fuel your muscles with an extra intensity. Supplement facts:


  • Micronized Aminos
  • 750 calories per serving
  • Tri-MG infusion
  • 124 gram of carbohydrate

GNC Weight Gainer 2200 @ Vanilla (6 Lbs)

This supplement is an ideal mix of protein that increases body mass by its natural vitamins, carbohydrates, potassium, fat, and minerals. It boosts your calories, giving you a perfect way to improve your lean muscle mass. Know more about its composition:


  • 2200 calories per serving
  • 48 gram of protein content
  • 407 grams of carbohydrates
  • 2.5 grams of fat, vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium & zinc

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Optimum Serious Mass is an ultimate mass gain formula that helps people to gain weight and muscle mass. It has up to 1250 calories per serving, with 50 grams of high-quality protein, and the rest include:


  • 25 vitamins & essential minerals
  • Blended with creatine, glutamine, and glutamic acid
  • Over 250 grams of carbohydrates
  • No added sugar

 BSN True-Mass

BSN True-Mass helps push your performance post-workout. It’s a layered protein supplement that is rich in nutrient and calorie-dense. This can also be used with water or any beverage type such as milk, and it contains:


  • 710 calories per serving
  • 50 grams of protein
  • 6 grams of dietary fiber
  • Medium chain triglycerides

CytoSport Monster Mass

This is an excellent mass gain formula that features protein matrix in one serving of 50 grams. It is easy to digest and includes whey protein concentrate and whey protein hydrolyzed. The supplement promotes your muscle recovery and growth. More about its composition:


  • 610 calories per serving
  • 50% more L-Leucine
  • 2 grams added L-Glutamine
  • 250 mg Aminogen

Final Words

Certainly, you can select from a wide range of mass gain supplements in India and shop for your preferred product online. Using a supplement won’t do any magic. You need to workout & eat right to make the progress possible.


The blog post lists the top 5 mass gain supplements in India. These products can make a positive difference in your weight gain, and help you achieve your muscle building goals.


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