Top 5 Unbeatable Traditional Restaurants in Salzburg

Traditional Restaurants in Salzburg

Austria and the city of Salzburg, especially, come with a lot of things that the curious tourist has to try. Naturally, most of us will think at the world-class skiing destinations and at the breathtaking views the country has to offer.

However, we must not forget the traditional food – being a European country, we can definitely expect some more-than-just-tasty dishes for us to enjoy. Of course, the places where we can have these can be quite hard to find, given the fact that Austria is often visited by tourists, a thing that has led to the apparition of plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and such.

Therefore, if you are not here for your usual French fries and hamburgers, then here are 5 unbeatable traditional restaurants you have to dine at after getting off your airport transfer Salzburg.


St. Peter Stiftskeller – Das Restaurant

What’s better than classical music paired with fine dishes? While in Salzburg, you can enjoy the Mozart Dinner Concert – an event that takes place in the Baroque hall of one of Europe’s oldest restaurant.

Dinner is served as the highly talented troupe performs a selection of Mozart’s greatest hits, so to say – you can choose between a three-course dinner or a gourmet four-course dinner.

Naturally, we recommend the latter, as it comes with one of Salzburg’s trademark dishes, the fluffy souffle dessert – Salzburger Nockerl.



This restaurant can be found in the Mülln region of Salzburg – it is made of four rooms that vary in size and which also feature a relaxed intimacy atmosphere.

Moreover, when the weather allows it, the terrace is opened, making for a meal with a great view – make sure to show up early for dinner or lunch if you want to grab a spot here.

In terms of dishes, you can try the deep-fried chicken with potato salad, the Austrian puddings, and home-made strudel. Of course, these are only a few of the traditional dishes the restaurant has available.


Schatz Konditorei

While not necessarily a restaurant, but more of a pastry shop, Schatz Konditorei is a place you must visit if you want to enjoy some traditional Austrian sweets.

Space in there is limited so you might be forced to take your dish and make a run for it – however, be them locals or tourists, people will most likely share a table with you, while you enjoy the Austrian tortes.


Café Wernbacher

Again, while this location is not quite a restaurant, you can still have some of Austria’s best traditional dishes here – for example, one might enjoy a plain cup of coffee, while another will just go for the Wiener schnitzel.

There are also a lot of options in terms of breakfast, such as seasonal specials and many more.


Blaue Gans

This restaurant is located in a 500 years old building – has vaulted ceilings and windows that look out on Getreidegasse. It is also known for offering innovative and somewhat modern interpretations of the traditional Austrian cuisine.

Here, you can enjoy the house smoked Lachsforelle – salmon trout -, or the beef carpaccio. The dishes might be adapted, so to speak, but their traditional look and taste will still be there for you to enjoy!

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