Top Questions to ask before hiring a PR Firm Delhi

Before hiring any PR Firm Delhi, ask yourself as to what exactly are you looking for. What is your purpose behind hiring the services of a public relations agency in Delhi or anywhere across the globe? Are you looking at an increased traffic on your website? Do you wish to establish yourself, and hence your business, as the thought leader in the industry? Or are you looking for Public Relations Services that will generate enough leads and business development opportunities?

PR agency in India

And as you decipher that, here are a few other top considerations to help you find the right choice of a PR agency in India, or anywhere across the globe.

What is the size of the Public Relations Agency?

Although this is seemingly the simplest of questions to begin with, but clearly carries huge impact. Based on a number of reasons, discussed further in the articles, you may hire a large sized, perhaps one of amongst the leader PR Firms in Delhi or around. The large sized PR Firm Delhi comes with strong industry and media relations, with the best available talent in the field of public relations. This is the right choice for any company or enterprise for which the budget is not really a constraint and hence, expects to receive the best quality of services.

Small or medium sized agencies, on the other hand, may have limited access to resources in the landscape of media relations and availability of talent. However, they would make up for the limited resources by delivering exceptional services, perhaps going out of their way to deliver extra value.

The decision, however, clearly depends on the availability of resources at the disposal of the organization. Besides, while selecting the PR Firm Delhi, also factor into account the amount of hand holding and assistance you require.

PR agency in India

How does their portfolio look like?

Always, and make it a point to always have carefully scrutinize the portfolio of the PR Firm Delhi. If you are conducting and online research for the leading PR agencies in Delhi, chances are that you would frequent a majority of websites catering a lot of fluff and no substance. Having a glance at their portfolio helps you break through the clutter and access the services of the public relations agency that has really proven its mettle over the past few years.

While scrutinizing their portfolio, carefully look at the media placements that they are proud of, and hence have made public knowledge on their portfolio page. Also, carefully observe the talent of the PR Firm Delhi in cracking the top notch stories in the field of your operations. For instance, you will find specific PR firms specializing in different domains, such as Tech, Lifestyle, Fashion, Startups, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and a lot more. Naturally, if you hire the agency that has proven its mettle in the business domain that you are operating in, that is going to prove the most beneficial for your enterprise in the long run.

Do you and the PR Firm Delhi share the same values?

Since the PR agency is going to be your voice and brand ambassador, you need to be sure that the vision, mission and value principles of the PR Firm Delhi are in line with that of your business. Most importantly, you need to ensure that the public relations agency clearly understands your values behind setting up the venture that you today have.

Do not ignore or overlook any difference of opinion at this level, because the same would only ascertain a failed relationship in the long run.

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