The Top Real Benefits Of Using A Responsive Web Design

A study by the BBC has verified that an average household in the UK currently has three devices at least that are internet connected. A responsive website design ensures that your site functions and appears just as good in all three varying devices. A responsive design enables your site to adapt to varying screens by realigning itself and repositioning content. Here are the main benefits of a responsive web design.

Conversions, sales and ROI:

Users and web visitors easily and quickly navigate and read across your site because a responsive web design offers pixel-perfect, consistent versions of your site irrespective of device. A user is truly less likely to switch to a competitor’s site if he is offered a rewarding experience on your site.

Easy maintenance:

In the immediate past, every website company in Kent had to create several versions of the same site, which made any updates resulting in changes being necessary to multiple versions of the same site. A responsive design loads faster and is much easier to manage as it’s actually a single site that seamlessly opens on varying devices. Responsive design users are discovering that, with just a set of content to maintain, they save considerable money and time.

Better SEO:

A responsive design is now becoming compulsory for SEO optimisation with, the URL structure being same for varying devices. Previously, web developers created several versions of a single site and in doing so, filled many sites with duplicate content. This is a factor that Google frowns on and resultantly often downgraded the search engine ranking of such sites. And one site and not multiple versions means faster load speed due to resultant less server drag, yet another factor for boosting Google ranking. Contact a firm that does website design Kent and you will be assisted in effecting a responsive website design.

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