Top Reasons Why It’s A Mistake To Hire An Amateur DJ For Your Wedding

One thing that the majority of engaged couples that are planning their wedding don’t realize, is that supposedly saving money by engaging the services of amateur DJs for their wedding comes with a price tag that’s truly too high. A professional DJ for hire is worth their fee.

Prior to making any decisions which you might later regret, here are some facts you must know concerning hiring an amateur wedding DJ.

Losing business:

 It’s very likely that your cheap or even free DJ may not be in business by the time your wedding date arrives. Most bargain DJs don’t charge adequately to support their businesses for any long term; you’re just helping finance their hobby. Meanwhile, your wedding might still be six to twelve months away or even more. There have been reports, especially of ‘friend’ or ‘friend of friend’ DJs that only cancelled out on the couple at the very last minute. Never risk the possibility of a cheap DJ going bankrupt and out of business just before your big day. Always choose a professional.

Professionals are much more invested than amateurs:

 Amateur DJs do it ‘for fun’ and should anything go wrong, it’s no big deal for them. On the other hand, professional wedding DJs risk their entire livelihood and reputation with every single performance – so you know you are getting their very best. They know that just a single bad review could ruin their business. Would you rather find a true Sydney dj hire, one who is totally invested in his or her performance and business, or one who takes it to be a hobby on your wedding day?

Weddings are unique events that require unique, professional talents:

 It concerns much more than just playing music. Your DJ is in charge of orchestrating the event’s introduction and flow, managing your guests, coordinating the timeline, cooperating with other vendors, and reading your crowd and ensuring that the right songs are played at just the correct times. Even DJs with extensive club-setting experience will possibly be at a loss at weddings if they are not also experienced working at weddings. This is because they basically aren’t familiar with wedding event flow and how to avoid dramas should anything turn awry. Are you ready to place your wedding outcome in the hands of a person who doesn’t ‘do’ weddings as a means of livelihood?

Your MC has a big impact (for better or worse) on the final result:

 An unpleasant DJ featuring an abrasive voice and bad jokes will certainly irritate your guests while dampening your party’s whole mood. Professional wedding DJs invest in vocal practice and training to truly optimise their professional performance. An amateur DJ once embarrassed everybody with his suggestive comments directed at the bride over the microphone. Do you want a professional speaker you trust acting as your host – or just anyone who might say anything?

For the success of your wedding, it’s by far best to invest in the best Dj Newcastle or locally to you if you are going for the perfect day you deserve.

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