Top Trends In Social Media For 2018

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It is often the case that what begins as a trend ultimately turns into standard practice. Adopting these developments early is a great way to gain all the benefits without facing lots of competitors trying to get in on the action. Dismiss an innovation as a mere trend, and you risk missing the boat altogether. Just think back to the times when Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter were regarded as trendy flashes in the pan. These days, no digital marketing initiative would be complete without them. In order to succeed with the audience you want to reach, you need to meet them where they are. Right now, that happens to be on social media.

Videos And Live Streams

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No digital marketer in their right mind would bypass the option of using video, either recorded or live. 2018 is sure to see increased growth in this direction. Research has shown that nearly half of those in social media are interested in viewing more content in the form of videos. Businesses are adding more and more videos all the time and dedicating greater resources to producing great content that retains the attention of viewers. The fact is that 67 percent of users report a stinger willingness to purchase an event ticket if they have seen a short video pertaining to it. The fascination with video content spans the generations, adding to the utility of this medium.

Greater Attention To Message Platform Use

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Facebook Messenger is a power player in this realm, but it certainly does not stand alone. WeChat, WhatsApp and others have made serious inroads as well. Utilizing technological tools such as chatbots, it is easier than ever to achieve real engagement with billions of potential customers. More than half of those who use social media prefer messaging vehicles of this type as opposed to phone or email. Using these platforms is a perfect way to meet customers where they like to be, proving value and answering their concerns in an efficient manner.

Augmented And Virtual Reality

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As a Houston SEO expert would explain, though the fully integrative experience offered by virtual reality is undeniable, it is not without its challenges. One issue is the mobility-hindering nature of the required headpiece that is involved. Given that most folks go online through phones, this is no small thing. As such, augmented reality can get a real leg up. Users are not limited in their movement or their vision. Rather, augmented reality facilities broader mobility while users seek virtual things within the actual world that surrounds them. Gamers already understand this concept, largely from exposure to Pokémon Go and similar products.

Niantic is set to release a Harry Potter augmented reality game which will similarly open a host of opportunities for enterprises that seek to partner with it to achieve marketing goals. Though in many ways, the realm of social media seems like it has been around for ages. There is a constant stream of trends and shifts that savvy digital marketers must carefully heed. In doing so, they will be able to get in on the ground floor and optimize the results obtainable with the help of new technologies.

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