What are the Top Web Design Trends of 2017

There are no typical design trends that start for a year and it ends that single year itself. It is about relevancy and the inspirations. There are many such trends that have started in 2016 and are simply carrying forward this year too. In this article, some of the most important website designs that have most potential of being popular are given. This is just a prediction and should not be taken as Holy Grail. This article has been written after interacting with multiple UX designers and therefore can be regarded as a collective effort of experts in predicting the future. Some of those trends may include artificial intelligence powered chatbox, immersive storytelling, VR, and many more. In fact, this year, there will be many trends that started in 2016 and this year they will continue being popular. Only difference will be that they will take a specific shape.

Some of the probable web design trends that the website design companies in Delhi should keep in mind are given below:

  1. VR and 360 Degree Video

Virtual reality’s announcement was done by the gadget world last year. However, throughout the entire 2016 there hasn’t been much changes and impacts on the web design world. However, there are extreme potential in virtual reality as well as 360 degree in transforming designing trends. One such aspect has been incorporated by Peugeot in its promo campaign for Peugeot 208. For showcasing a new product they have utilized mindboggling interactive experience.

One of the gadgets that is already making sensation is the Daydream Virtual reality headset from the house of technology giant Google. It has brought paradigm shift in the thinking of people and the way they can bring change in the thinking of website design companies in Delhi and other states. However, it will be misleading to think that there is no other company which is losing this opportunity. Other technological big companies such as Microsoft, HTC, and PlayStation are also catching up the bandwagon. With so many practical uses and potential, the time is not far that we are going to see increased usage of 360 degree and Virtual Reality in web designing.

  1. Card Design as well as grid layouts

When it comes to web design trends, one thing that is not going to lose steam is definitely the card design layout. It was first used and then popularized by Pinterest. Most UX designers say that this is one of the most important sections that can witness paradigm shift and increased usage by the small to large companies in the ongoing New Year.

There are many things that are appealing in this card design format and they are:

  • responsiveness
  • flexibility and most importantly
  • simplicity

Another format is the grid layout. These kinds of formats are found to be extremely helpful when there are many data for use. Unique compositions can be created by a website design company in Delhi by using grid layout. There are some renowned sites (such as Dribbble, Tumblr, and Vice) that use card layouts for creating unique compositions.

  1. Conversational Interfaces as well as artificial Intelligence powered Bots

Bots don’t impact directly on website design. However, what they essentially do is have significantly big impact on thinking of the designers in creation of websites. All these bots are powered by artificial intelligence, which make the entire experience not only more realistic but also far more complex. Customised customer support can be provided as now tools such as Letsclap will enable businesses in connecting with customers through messaging applications like WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

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