Touring the overseas highway from Florida to Key West by bike


The journey from Homestead to Key West takes you some 17 hours on a bike. So, you have to extend it to a day, for reinvigorating your enthusiasm. Make a plan to spend your night in Marathon Key.

Choose the tire, not the repair shop in your journey.

Be on your toes. Get the best tire for your motorbike to avoid any mishap during the journey. Choose your motorcycle tire efficiently. If you find any glitches before you set out for your journey, you must get it replaced by a robust one.

Just take a note from former US President Abraham Lincoln’s quote, “If you give me 6 hours to cut a tree, I will dedicate the first 4 hours by sharpening the ax.”

Make a trade-off and select the best pair of a tire to fit it in your bike. Ensure to test any crack, leakage, and its durability by taking a short drive prior to your biking expedition.

Mark your Calendar.

The best time to visit Key West is between March and May when the winter travelers have dispersed off and the 40 islands lining up to Key West are less crowded.

Ready, Steady, Get-Set-Go.

Head south-west on the South Railroad Avenue and move along. Once you cross the verdant valleys of Southern Glades, you will be in the realms of the Pacific Highway. Soon you will be passing the cluster of islands in the Barnes Sound and land in the exotic locations of Key Largo provinces, keeping the Blackwater Sound to your right.

Take a roam around the Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park, a protected wildlife sanctuary. Enjoy some photographs and snacks as you spend your time in the wilderness.

Soon you shall be heading towards the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Subsequently, you will be bypassing Tavernier to reach the Plantation Key. As you drive farther and farther you will be enjoying the topography. Imagine the feeling when you cruise your bike down the Pacific thoroughfare bisecting the Florida Bay.

Don’t zoom along. Take your time and enjoy the scenic beauty. You are not going to drive here every day. Are you? So soak in every moment of the picturesque scenery as you drive along.

Vegetable Food Cooked on Frying Pan

A night stay in Marathon Key.

Halt in Marathon Key and spend the night there.

Book a room at the beautiful Faro Blanco Resort to break up the long and hectic drive.

While in Marathon, make sure to grab dinner at the Lighthouse Grill. They serve up all kinds of tasty fresh fish caught locally. Take a stroll on the Old Railroad Bridge and the Seven Mile Bridge in the backdrop of a soothing ambiance. You can go biking up to the Pigeon Bridge.

All Hail to Key West.

Next day, after ⅘ hours you shall reach your destination.

Welcome to Key West, USA.

Go for snorkeling or sailing along the blue Pacific ocean. Pay a visit to the Old Hemingway House, and you can meet up to 60 cats welcoming you to the abode of the celebrated author. Ernest Hemingway’s felines will remind you of the “Old Man and the Sea”. Stay overnight in the palatial Key West Marriott Beachside, overlooking the Duval Street.

Biker Holding Mountain Bike on Top of Mountain With Green Grass

Choose your Cuisine.

There are a plethora of restaurants serving varieties of culinary delights to tickle your dry and tired taste buds after a marathon biking. You can take a break at the exquisite location of Key Colony Beach and dine at the Sparky’s. Enjoy the fish tacos. They are delicious.

Finally, enjoy some cocktail in Capri Restaurant and Applebee’s Bar to relax your sinews. You can take a heavy lunch in Texas Roadhouse or Haze Lounge and Restaurant.

Get rid of Lower Back Pain.

Lower back pain is triggered by injury to a muscle or ligament due to an irregular posture and fatigue.

A prolonged and tedious motorcycle ride causes inflammation in the pelvic muscles and blood clotting. This results to lower back pain, which can be duly cured by exercise.

Follow this set of instructions for maximum comfort during your journey.

  1. Adjust your bike’s seat in the most comfortable orientation to remove back spasm.
  2. Check the suspension and tune it to your riding conditions.
  3. Take regular breaks off your bike to stabilize your blood circulation and relax your crammed pelvic muscles.
  4. Pay special attention to the biting cold wind; stop it from reaching your lower back by adding a cushion.
  5. Have some intake of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 rich food. Quinoa with boiled spinach and cheese will increase the production of ATP, the fuel of our muscles.
  6. Prevent numbness in your legs and thighs by moving your torso occasionally.
  7. Do some stretching and easy exercises for lower back pain.
  8. Consult a physiotherapist before you set out for your journey.
  9. Practice the trick of posterior pelvic tilt exercise to ameliorate your lower back pain.
  10. Maintain your body hydration. Drink plenty of juices and water after intervals.
  11. Say no to alcohol and smoking during the journey. They will worsen your back pain.

Remember that your health is the X-factor of a successful trip. So ensure you are in perfect condition and then go ahead for your journey.

Beware of a flat tire.

As a word of caution, prepare to get the best set of tires for the journey. Many adventurer bikers who have experienced the journey have complained off an upset tire or two. And trust their words, they take much more time to repair than its actual fault mending time.

Metzeler Tourance EXP, Pirelli Angel GT, Bridgestone Exedra Max, Dunlop Sportmax GPR 300, Mitas E-07 Dakar, Dunlop Elite 4, Continental Road 3GP are the best suitable brands of tire for your journey. They have strong strength, extensibility, fatigue resistance and abrasion resistance with rebound resilience and tensile durability.

Safety is always the first priority. So take your time, get your tire wisely and then set out for your dream destination via the Overseas Highway.

The trip is akin to the Pacific Highway round of the Road-rash game.

But make no rash!

Drive safely and steadily.

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