Towns around the World with a Wealth of Eccentricity

Normality is comfortable for some, but imagine a world where everything is normal. How boring would that be, isn’t it? Well, imperfections or something abnormal has its own charm. Such things add a spice to the otherwise monotonous existence. On that note, you’d be glad or maybe, awestruck to know that there are some places in the world which are so not normal. How you see them, depends on your outlook, but the towns that we will be talking about in this section, will definitely leave you gaping in awe. Break the monotony!

If you have been cribbing about your town, and are constantly looking for cheap flight tickets to simply go away from the mess you are staying in, then sir/madam, you need to take a look at the following rundown. You’d either start loving your locality, or might either hate it even more. Take a look–

1. Najaf, Iraq

How does the idea of living with the dead sound to you? Not too appealing, right? But believe it or not, there exists a town in Iraq called Najaf which houses people along with graves. Yes, you read that right! Wadi-al-Salaam, the world’s biggest cemetery, Najaf is not only home to this record holding place, but also is infamous for its inhabitants who coexist peacefully with the dead. Can you spend one night at such a place? Think!

2. The Villages, Florida, USA

The Villages is a community in Florida which demands that no inhabitants be under the age of 19 years, and that every family must contain no less than one permanent occupant more than 55 years old. The objective of this community is essentially to give the most serene place for residence to retired people. We absolutely love the idea!

3. Whittier, Alaska

All of the approximately 300 inhabitants of Whittier, Alaska live inside a solitary 14-story building called Begich Towers. The rest live in their vehicles, boats, or another similar building. The building also has a post office, church, police station, video rental shop, health centre and a playground. The best way to get to the town is either by means of ocean or through a 4-kilometer one-lane tunnel which has entryways that open twice every hour, permitting entry in and out of the town. The passages close during the evening and don’t open until the following day.

4. Battleship Island, Japan

This island is a part of Japan and is totally isolated by a fake warship. Despite the fact that the island has been abandoned since long, it has dependably been an anomaly of individuals who saw it on the horizon. Today, this uncanny island is incapacitated from years of neglect, yet open to tourists who wish to see something uncommon.

5. Longyearbyen, Norway

Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen in Norway is the northernmost city on the planet. It contains the world’s northernmost ATM, church, post office, museum, airport, and college. In Longyearbyen, dying is prohibited on the grounds that bodies buried in the town’s graveyard don’t decompose because of its icy climate. Along these lines, if anybody is found sick or on the verge of dying, he/she is instantly flown via plane or ship to another part of Norway before he or she passes away. What’s more, in the event that somebody all of a sudden kicks the bucket there, they would not be buried.

Living in normality is no doubt a peaceful feeling, but imagine what it must feel to live in the most eccentric towns of the world. Well, the world is a playground, and buddy, you can always visit such awe inspiring destinations to see what wonders are waiting to be explored. Go ahead!

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