Traditional Eastern European Foods that are a Must Try

Eastern Europe is well-known for its traditional dishes. Cuisine in this part of the world is rich and welcoming for soul. Travellers to Eastern Europe like to enjoy these national dishes. You, however, don’t need to travel all the way to Eastern Europe to satisfy your palate. Restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona bring you authentic European food.

Dig in to learn about traditional Eastern European Foods country wise.


Warm and cold soups, like Borsch, incorporate beetroots. It can be prepared in numerous ways. Cucumber and other vegetable salads, frequently flavoured with dill, often go well with Russian meals. Other popular traditional foods in Russia include pickled vegetables, dark breads, pirozhki, and caviar.

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Your taste buds get a kick when you try traditional foods in Hungary. Popularly seasoned with Paprika, Hungarian foods are a must try when in Hungary or at one of Scottsdale Brunch Restaurants. You should like the lip-smacking Hungarian Goulash, a dish famous all over the world. Sausages, fish dishes, stuffed vegetables, and rich desserts, form an indispensable part of Eastern European cuisine.


While travelling to Poland, do not miss on Polish traditional foods. Old favourites, like Polish Pierogi, come with a new twist on Polish and Scottsdale tables. Enjoy hearty stews, sticky pastries, stuffed meats, and regional fish dishes in Poland and now, in Arizona.

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Bulgarians love salads; salads that are fresh and those made with yoghurt. Those who are large meat eaters adore meat patties and spicy meatballs. One-pot meat and vegetable dishes add to the beauty of the traditional Bulgarian table and that of Scottsdale. Bulgarian desserts hail from Turkey.

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