Traits which every good Muay Thai trainer should have

To be a good Muay Thai fighter, you need to have a good trainer who is well skilled in Muay Thai. A good Muay Thai coach can really help in improving your Muay Thai skills. As a Muay Thai fighter who is just starting out, there are some training routine that could improve your fighting skills which you may not know about, but having a well experienced Muay Thai trainer will make you engage in all necessary trainings that can boost your skills.

However, a Muay Thai trainer needs to possess some qualities too to be able to perform optimally in Muay Thai training and classes. So what are those qualities?

Qualities of a good Muay Thai trainer;

As a Muay Thai trainer, there are certain qualities that he or she must possess to be a good coach. Here are some those qualities a good coach should possess:

Ability to solve problems and take initiative;

This is necessary as a good trainer, since misunderstandings could come up between students during Muay Thai training sessions. So this is a quality a good coach must possess.

Also, a coach should be a little versatile in training techniques. A good trainer should understand that a single technique cannot work the same way for every student, so techniques should be developed to suit each student.

Should be patient;

A good trainer needs to also be patient with students, since not everybody have same level of strength and skills.


A good trainer should also get to know each of his students, this will help a great deal.

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