Transport Choices in the Small Island Of Malta

Are you traveling to Malta? Here’s all you need to know about how you get around in Malta.

Malta is one of the most serene places to explore, with its majestic architecture, beautiful beaches, and mesmerizing islands, it is a one of a kind spot to visit.

The ancient constructions are a sight to see, with towering cathedrals, medieval chapels, bewitching palaces and inspiring creations up and down the islands, you get to have a new thing to see every time you turn around the corner. If this wasn’t enough, the vast countryside with the enchanting quietness is a dream to experience also. Many tourists visit Malta to delve in the pleasures of exploration, in search of adventures and peace. Clearly, Malta has it all, offering you the perfect blend of history and culture in a single place. The usual tourist would love to explore the islands and there are a number of means of travel that Malta has to offer for their ease. Here we have discussed the most common methods to give you an idea of the many transport options that you can use to explore the islands.

Public bus service

This is easy and probably the cheapest mode of travel that tourists can use to visit different places on the island. The bus routes go everywhere, literally, which makes it convenient for the tourist to visit all the major spots and destinations at an affordable price. The way of traveling is very efficient also. All you need is a route map of the bus, which you can easily download online and you are good to go.

Renting a car

If you prefer to travel alone, you also have the option of renting a car for yourself. Plus, if you would like to see far off places on the islands, choosing to rent a car is probably a better option. The good thing is that the Maltese islands have almost all of their road signs in English which are a great help to the foreign tourist. The drive is on the left and the renting companies offer daily rates of up to €16 – €28. You may be wondering about the licensing, but that isn’t an issue in these islands where your local or foreign driving license is proof enough of your skills besides this, you can also opt for the chauffeur driven cars if driving yourself doesn’t suit.

Rent scooters, motorbikes or bicycles

Traveling solo or on a bike is another option that you can consider on the Malta tour. However, Malta doesn’t offer separate biking lanes so you will have to ride your bikes on the main road among other traffic. Still, the means of travel is a great way to explore the islands in style.

White taxi service

Malta offers its tourists and locals, of course, the ease of travel. This is why they have the white taxi service which can pick you up from literally anywhere on the islands. The bus stops are an exception. The rates vary and can be seen online. In addition to this, the taxi service charges a fixed fare for journeys from the seaport or the airport.

Ferry service

Besides the land travel, you might as want to see the exotic beauty of the ocean surrounding these islands. For this exploration, you can choose the ferry service, which basically links Malta to Gozo in a 20-minute span. The ride is spectacular and gives you the opportunity to relish among the calm waves as you travel from one tourist spot to the next.

Water taxi

There are the water taxis at your disposal too. If ferries aren’t your thing, you can always choose the dghajsa boats in Grand Harbor. These boats serve to connect the sands and are a good Option to consider when looking to travel to different islands.

Tourist train

This is another service built especially for the tourists. Covering a length of up to 8 km. During the 25 to 30 minutes of the ride, the train takes you through Rabat, Mdina, Mtarfa and other areas, ending at Domus Ramana in Rabat, once again. There are many train trips during the day, the schedule of which you can easily spot online.

Upper Barrakka Lift

It is the fastest way to travel from the Valletta Water Front to the city, allowing passengers to gain access to the city shopping centers and restaurants easily. The lift is 58 meters high and can carry 28 people in 25 seconds, making it one of the quickest means of travel in Malta.

Coming to an end, the Maltese islands are a beauty to explore and with so many travel options they also become convenient as well. There is every mode of travel to suit your preference. If you have decided to visit the glorious land, it’s better to have all the routes and travel details downloaded beforehand for your own ease. Malta calls out to you for a tour, are you up for the journey?

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