Travelling to Nawalgarh with Ease

Nawalgarh is one of the rising tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Rajasthan as a state is full of many interesting places to see. In fact when people plan their trip to Rajasthan they always do so in the form of a tour so that they can cover the maximum number of places that this state has in store. Nawalgarh has recently made its way into the tourist map and hence more and more people are visiting this place nowadays.


Why visit Nawalgarh?

You might be wondering why Nawalgarh has become such an important tourist destination. It is because Nawalgarh boasts of a horde of havelis whose walls have been beautifully decorated with murals, frescos and paintings that people from all over the world come to visit. Plus, thanks to a number of Bollywood films that have been shot here, Nawalgarh itself has shot to fame! On top of that some of the best luxury hotels rajasthan are located in this region making it extremely easy to find luxurious means of accommodation over here.

How to reach Nawalgarh?

You might be worried about the fact that travelling to Nawalgarh might pose as a problem since it is a rather small town. On the contrary this place is really well-connected to other parts of the state making it really easy to visit this place.

Take a car

The best way to travel to Nawalgarh especially if you are coming from Jaipur is to take a car. This is the most luxurious travel option. The total distance between Jaipur and Nawalgarh is about 142kms. You can take the NH2 and reach Nawalgarh within 3 hours. Since this is a short trip avoid stopping for food on the way and carry it with you instead. Also, even if you are visiting during the winter time always book an AC car since you will have to keep your windows closed at all times.

Take a bus

Nawalgarh is pretty well-connected when it comes to taking a bus. You can reach the Nawalgarh bus stand from Jaipur, Bikaner, Sikar and many other places. Once you reach the bus stand you can either take a rickshaw or a jeep to travel to your desired location.

Take the train

You will be surprised but Nawalgarh has its own railway station which is well connected to many important cities of India. So you have the option of travelling to Nawalgarh from other cities of India.

Catch a flight

If you want to take a flight, then the nearest airport that you have to Nawalgarh is Jaipur airport. Once you land you can book a cab or make arrangements to have your rental car ready for you and from there you can head out to one of the best hotels rajasthan near Jhunjhunu or in Nawalgarh where you have made arrangements for your accommodation. Keep 3 hours in hand as your travel time.

Thus, you see that travelling to Nawalgarh is no big deal at all. Just make sure that you get the transport of your choice and travel to the town of havelis with ease!

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