What Do You Need To Know About Rotator Cuff Injury?

Every injury is painful and restricts free movement of the body. No matter whether you have strained our leg muscles or cut your finger, suffering is simply inevitable when you have been afflicted by some injury. Although, some injuries such as rotator cuff injuries are not taken quite seriously by people, they can be as debilitating as any other injury. If you are hearing about this particular kind of injury for the first time, then here is what it is-

Rotator cuff injury is the damage caused to the rotator cuff muscles of your body. Now, these muscles may get injured in a variety of ways. The damage can be through acute injury like when you fall down or meet an accident. The damage can also be from overusing the muscles like lifting of heavy objects. And in some cases, the injury occurs due to slow degeneration of these muscles and tendons with growing age.

If you think you could be suffering from rotator cuff injury, here are the symptoms to lookout for-

  • People suffering from rotator cuff injury get deep but dull pain in the shoulders.
  • They get disturbed sleep, particularly when they lie on the side which is affected.
  • They find it difficult to move their arm towards the back, and could face difficulty in combing hair.
  • A persistent weakness plagues the arm.

Rotator cuff issues, as mentioned earlier, may arise from some major injury to the shoulder or due to wear and tear of the tendon tissue. Sometimes, progressive degeneration may also be the cause. But the risks of having this injuries increase manifold because of the following factors-

  • The first factor is age. People who suffer from this injury are mostly past their 40s.
  • People associated with sports are also prone to developing this injury.
  • Rotator cuff injury may also have a genetic side to it. That means, people in whose family this disease runs are more susceptible to getting it.

What could be the complications?

If you are suffering from rotator cuff injury, it’s important to get it treated at the earliest. The good news is- treatment for rotator cuff injury is so readily available these days. If, however, you haven’t paid enough attention to the treatment of this problem, you are likely to face a lot of issues in the future.

One problem could be permanent stiffness of the shoulder joint. In many people, the muscles become excessively and permanently weak, because of which day-day-day life becomes extremely difficult. If left untreated, the muscles may get progressively degenerated.

The best way to bring some relief to the troubled area is to let the shoulder rest. However, don’t go for prolonged resting as keeping your shoulder immobilized for a long time will make the connective tissue in the joint thick and stiff, as a result of which, your shoulder could suffer from something called a frozen shoulder.

If you don’t want such miseries to happen, contact your doctor immediately.

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