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Sambhar Vadi recipe

Maharashtra has been always famous for its lip-smacking street food. VadaPav is very famous in the entire country. Each street food has its own aroma and unique taste. Maharashtrian Cuisine is one of the spiciest foods but what makes it different is its cooking style. Bread, wheat, and rice have a great significance in a Maharashtrian diet. Curries such as bhajis, missal, ussal and ragda are some common foods in the kitchens of Maharashtra. There is also a huge variety of chutneys and pickle too.

The state has a beautiful mixture of coastal and central plateau tastes. On the one hand, it is flavoured vegetarian delicacies and one the other hand; it is aromatic fish and meat curries. Most of the dishes include ingredients like peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut, and chillies. Food from the Vidarbha region such as Sambhar Vadi recipe is the spiciest as it is cooked in full red chillies.

In addition to, the state also offers some great desserts which mostly are made from rice and jaggery. The food contains a lot of coconut and masala in it. Here are some best Maharashtra Street foods:

MisalPav: the dish is one of the most eaten breakfasts of Maharashtra. This is a spicy and tangy curry which can attract anyone with its aroma. It contains lots of peanuts and moth beans and then the curry is served with pav. Misal is well garnished with pohay, bhujia, farsaan, and raw chopped onions. It is known as popular breakfast but eaten frequently whole day.

SambharVadi: the dish is from Vidarbha region. A great dish for all the family get-togethers and functions! During winter, the dish is loved by all. The main ingredient in this recipe is Coriander. One must try this recipe in the home. One can search for SambharVadi recipe in hindi online and get the step to step instructions.

VadaPav: the most popular Maharashtrian dish is a fast food snack. It looks like a burger but has a completely different taste. A thick fried potato patty is sandwiched between two slices of bread. This snack is accompanied with sweet and spicy chutneys or sauces. It is widely available at every street and can be eaten anytime.

Aamti: basically, it is a Maharashtrian dal. The dish is a combination of sweet and spicy flavour. The little sweet taste is taken from jaggery. There are a number of varieties of Aamti Dal. Like the dal made from chana, is known as Katachiaamti and Massoraamti which are made from red lentil. It is best served with freshly steamed rice and a dollop of ghee.

SabudanaKhichadi: it is a local base prepared from Sago Palm. Sabudana is white in colour and it is very healthy for the body. The dish is very light and easy to make. Kichadi is a popular breakfast of Maharashtra. Sabudana is very nutritious and improves metabolism of the body. The other main ingredients like butter and potato also add to its delicious taste. The dish keeps you energetic whole day.

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