Tune in to the World’s Trends Using these Awesome News Apps

Indeed, the internet has provided us an easier means of accessing information. But with this apparent ease also comes the bigger challenge of streamlining all the data that comes in our newsfeed. If we don’t choose the information we consume in a day, we will end up taking too much time from searching alone.

For people who wish to read news and trends at a regular basis, using mobile apps has been proven to save you a lot of hassle. They are highly accessible, and more importantly portable. You can be riding a cab or waiting for your flight at the airport and still get the best stories that are shaping the world straight to your devices.

Today, we have compiled a short list of those apps that are available both for Ios and Android. Have a quick look.


Buzzfeed is the go-to website for millennials who wish to have a look at what’s trendy from all around the world. Now, they bring their accessibility to your phones so you can have a go at their content wherever you are.

One of the most fascinating features of the app (and the site) is the quiz menu which are not only informative but also entertaining. They cover anything from music, movies, art and basically all topics that modern day teens and young adults would like to partake in.


The app is literally its website’s condensed version so if you’re on the go and would want to know what’s going on around the United States (yes, because its main target are Americans) then this mobile accessory is a good addition.

You can read the hottest and featured articles as well as watch videos.

Al Jazeera English

Many might have labeled Al Jazeera as synonymous to other types of international news portal. However, it primarily became popular when it successfully established itself as the news channel that airs news from the Middle East within twenty-four hours.

Seeing the increased demand of news from people around the world, the portal decided to expand and feature important global events as well. All of this information can readily be accessed through the app.

BBC News

It’s another international news outlet. This app is the mobile version of BBC and provides not only the latest and hottest articles but also live streaming of the current news, interviews and other videos featured on their website.

If you are closely following this channel and would like to have round-the-clock access, then getting this app on board is imperative.


It’s difficult to do some reading while on the go. This is exactly why bookmarking feature is highly important. This app allows you to save articles and read it later when you have time. You can bookmark them or put them on archives.

At present, users are also able to view the recommended articles by their friends. Through this recommendation feature, you will have an idea what your close pals and family members are up to.

So don’t dread the next time you see a very interesting headline but can’t get the time to do a quick read. Pocket stores them and let you access them later.


This is literally the world of the best curated works. Trending topics will regularly be updated along with their 270- word updates, saying something about the content. You’ll never get bored and will be able to enjoy the variety it gives. In here, you’ll have access to lots of content from various awesome publications.


If you are so critical with the aesthetics, then this option might be a nice pick. It has a magazine –style interface that offers convenient navigation for readers. Topics also vary and any interesting stories across all genres are featured. No need to do much search on the most exciting stories as this will already provide them on your screen.

Tools such as productivity apps for sales people are meant to make work easier for marketers. Same goes for all the other applications. If quality information is what you’re looking for, then the apps we have on the list could undeniably deliver the best.

This is not to say that you should go on and use everything. Try them out on your device, compare the features and see which of them works for you best!

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