How TV Networks In Central & Eastern Europe Can Improve TV Ad Revenues [ Infographic ]

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Culturally rich Eastern Europe brings a great opportunity for TV networks to localize advertising and content. But localizing feeds using additional satellites may not be viable.

Eastern Europe is perhaps one of the most vibrant and culturally rich zones in Europe, and is thus a potential goldmine for localized TV programming. Unsurprisingly, TV advertising revenues in
the region have been returning to growth post 2015, and 13 out of 14 markets are expected to grow in 2016.

This presents a great opportunity for TV networks to make most of their investment from the region. However, to achieve this, they would need to cater to local advertising demands in each of the countries in Eastern Europe.

This infographic help you to learn five key aspects on localizing the common satellite feed;

  • Growth potential in the CEE region
  • Market comparison on TV advertising
  • What is slowing down the TV networks operating in CEE
  • Options for localization
  • Benefits of watermarking technology for localization

boost ad revenues from Central & Eastern Europe


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