Type C Use: Best 45w USB C Power delivery Wall Charger for You

TATTU 45W USB-C wall charger

New charging world is coming soon!!!

Are you tired of bringing lots of cables and adapters when on trip or travel? Have you ever imagine that one day you just need to bring one charger and one cable for your phone and laptop as well as other devices!!

Just want to share the good news with you that The New USB Standard Has Arrived with USB-C Power Delivery.


The USB-C POWER DELIVERY connects to both cables and devices, As a future standard, it will be soon replacing USB-B and USB-A standards in connectors and cables. Normally, each device charged by USB will have their separate adapter and cables. But now USC-C POWER DELIVERY will support to charge variety different devices with the c type connection standard. Built-in intelligent power levels allocation system to provide the highest acceptable charging current according to your devices.

Too hard to understand? Take it easy. Let’s take TATTU 45W USB-C wall charger as an example.

First let’s take a look at the product.

TATTU 45W USB-C wall charger

A sleek, slimline design makes Tattu power delivery type C wall adapter the obvious new addition. Hard-wearing matte finish, fordable plug, small size and light weight make it easy to carry around for travel and trip. You can simply put it into your pocket or bag with your cable. Travel ready! Do not need to worry about space anymore.

I usually use it to charge my MacBook and iPhone X. It never disappoints me. Comparing with normal 5w charger, my iPhone X was charged about 87% just after 35 minutes. While the 5w charger only charged up to 36%. Unlike some other USB C adapters just provide power of 15w or 30w, this adapter supports USB-C with power delivery WITH 45W OUTPUT. That means it can charge my 12’’ MacBook and my iPad at full speed.

Is it safe to use?

Ready to provide safe charging across a number of voltages, the Tattu power delivery charger easily tackles 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, and 20V-enabled electronics for safe and reliable charging. Built-in heat-resistant safeguards work to ensure that you cannot overheat or overcharge your device and cause damage. Additionally, Tattu power delivery has built-in short-circuit and over-voltage protection to provide even more peace of mind for owners.

tattu power delivery charger

The Reasons for choosing Tattu USB-C Power Delivery Charger

For the price, it’s hard to beat the quality and reliability of Tattu 45W wall charger.

For the charging speed, up to 45W output, it offers a full charge to your 12 inch Macbook.

For the design, Compact in size, the Tattu Charger comes with a foldable plug, which provides extra portability for easily sticking in a day bag or even in a pocket.

For safety use, your electronics are protected from all that juice via built-in safeguards that help prevent them from overheating or overcharging and causing lasting damage.

Come and enjoy the wonderful product by Amazon & Tattu.




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