Types of White Label Digital Marketing Services

Online marketing has taken the world by the storm. It has ushered in a new era of consumerism wherein people can procure their desired products and services from the comfort of their homes and get completely transformed shopping experience. When it comes to advertising one’s products and service on a global scale, then there can be no better way than posting ads on the World Wide Web.

Pay per Click (PPC) is one of the most successful online advertising models that enable companies to display their products and services ads on the first page of major search engines and thus get increased traffic and sales. This takes the brand promise to a new level and leads companies to be at the forefront of competition.

Selecting a top-notch PPC management services agency that provides complete white label AdWords services will help you extend your services and fulfil marketing needs of your clients.

Here is a checklist of various types of digital marketing services that you can offer to your clients:-

#1 Creating Shopping Ads and PPC management

A certified PPC company would enable you to get comprehensive white label PPC services that include developing a Adwords campaign, doing PPC audit, managing your AdWords account, designing shopping Ads for you and providing quick results. If you want to turbo-charge your online advertising then you can select white label PPC agency that provides complete PPC services. The experts will manage your Google Shopping Ads in AdWords and will promote your products inventory.

#2 Email marketing

You can avail email-marketing service as a part of white label digital marketing service in which the third party would send emails to the prospective customers of your clients and help them promote their products and services. This will increase brand awareness and expand your clients’ base.

#3 Social media marketing and management

With the growing popularity of social media and their tremendous potential in marketing products and services, very few companies can overlook this potential. You can hire a digital marketing specialist who will provide social media marketing and management to your clients as a part of white label service. The experts will develop social media promotional campaigns and may offer sweepstakes to entice your target customers.

#4 Customised mobile app development

You can hire a third party to provide customized mobile app development for your client. Developing a dedicated mobile app not only makes your business easily accessible to the clients but also facilitate you send push notifications. This will enable you to promote your products and services and increase sales, thereby expanding your clients’ base.

#5 SEO link building

Getting search engine optimization or SEO service from the experts will optimize your online presence, increase the page rank of your site and enable you drive maximum leads. The experts of a renowned SEO company will do keyword research and will provide you link building, on-page and off-page optimization and will help you to realize your business goals.


Getting white label PPC and other digital marketing services from a certified company can take online promotion of business to a new level enabling companies redefine their brand images. This article discusses various types of white label digital marketing services that a start-up company can provide to its clients through the third party.

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