Unveiling 5 Rhinoplasty Myths

The rhinoplasty surgery or a nose job is one that helps to reshape your nose. It makes smaller appearing noses appear larger, larger ones appear smaller; it changes the angle of the nose to match upper lip, alters the nose tip, corrects bumps and restores nose defects. When you opt for the rhinoplasty in Atlanta surgery, a board-certified surgeon will make incisions to access the bones and cartilage that support the nose. In normal cases, they make incisions inside the nose, which fade away post operation.

All depending on what you wish to achieve post operation, your surgeon may either remove bone and cartilage or add tissues (synthetic filler or from other areas on your body). When the surgeon rearranges the bone and cartilage to reshape the nose, they re-drape the tissue and skin over the structure of the nose. For support, they place a splint outside the structure to help it heal.

Performed Under Anesthesia

The nose job or rhinoplasty is one that patients perform under general or local anesthesia, and it is usually an outpatient surgical procedure. Sometimes, this procedure would require you as the patient to stay in the hospital. However, an advice is that you should choose board certified plastic surgeons like those at Crispin Plastic Surgery who go through extensive training in this field. You can also consider otolaryngology (throat, nose, and ear specialists) for the surgery.

Today, rhinoplasty remains a poorly understood subject, and most people hold on to myths or misconceptions that may be valid decades ago, but no longer today.

Read on below to unveil top nose job myths.

1. Nose Jobs are Quite Obvious

The famous nose job myth cannot be further away from the actual truth. There are some examples of nose job results not appearing as appropriate as they actually should. However, in reality, you may not have seen people who have had a nose job. Rest assured that the results of a nose job are not exactly obvious. When you choose a certified surgeon, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for the procedure, they will integrate your features well with your face, so the size and shape will blend well with the rest of your face. Note that a nose surgery that has a plastic, fake or even a pinched look is not exactly the right result. If you opt for the surgery with a facelift, then note that proper care can work well with a smooth recovery and an unnoticeable change.

2. The Surgery is a Painful One

No doubt, rhinoplasty surgery may be painful, but an experienced surgeon would use a working anesthesia and implement the best care to ensure you are able to tolerate the pain. Post operation, there’s a chance that you will experience temporary numbness rather than pain. When this happens, you should relax because the level of discomfort you experience is not as much as the swelling and pain. If you experience further pain or irritation, it is best that you consult your surgeon.

3. Rhinoplasty is Only for Wealthy People

This is not true at all. A misconception that people often have is that rhinoplasty is popular among rich and famous people only. Although it is a common trend and most celebrities go through the surgery, many people also opt for the procedure. It all depends on personal preference and the amount of money you are willing to spend to achieve your cosmetic goals.

4. The Procedure is Only for Women

No, rhinoplasty is a surgery suitable for both men and women. So many men across the United States now opt for the surgery. An increasing number of men want their appearance to improve, but some choose it due to sustained sports injuries, accidents, and other health problems.

5. This is a Quick Procedure Compared to Other Procedures

Some people believe that rhinoplasty is a quick surgery and any cosmetic surgeon can perform it. The truth is that rhinoplasty is a complex surgery and it requires a better understanding of the nasal function and anatomy. Certainly, this is not a simple procedure or an easy one that surgeons perform by inserting implants just within 45 minutes. A nose job requires precision and time to ensure that you have the best surgical results. Today, rhinoplasty is a common trend in superstars and teens, but if you choose a bad or inexperienced surgeon, it can lead to other complications.

One of the most important parts of ensuring you achieve the best results to a nose job is choosing the right surgeon who can help you with a surgical procedure. Note that since this is a plastic surgery, it doesn’t mean that any surgeon you come across has the right experience and credentials to assure you that they will deliver the best results. You need to conduct a thorough research and you should only choose a board-certified surgeon with experience in aesthetic results and nose reconstruction.

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