How to use GBwhatsapp to use Dual WhatsApp in android?

Nowadays, WhatsApp is known for its popularity due to its wide range of users. WhatsApp was launched years ago, but a few years back it was bought by Facebook to enhance the features of it. Facebook is totally successful in doing that and now we are using WhatsApp with lot more features incorporated into it.

Due to all this, it has been observed that its user base is growing exponentially. According to a recent report, WhatsApp has been used to send around 4 Billion messages every day and approximately 100 Million active monthly users. Each and every person uses WhatsApp for communicating as WhatsApp is very easy to use and it is also cheap and best. Especially in India, it is proved to be very useful. Many people use WhatsApp for communicating there family members sitting far away. Because of WhatsApp, people are connected so much to each other.  All you need to have is an internet connection and you can use it just by following some simple steps.

WhatsApp promised that even due to its immense popularity it will not feature any advertisements on its platform. This shows that its all revenue comes from its user base which is so large. It is not earning even a single penny from ads. Even though WhatsApp was struggling a lot in its early years to earn money, but now it has overcome it and came out as a very popular app. It was having a disadvantage that users couldn’t run two WhatsApp accounts on one device. People are having dual SIM phones that’s why they want separate WhatsApp accounts. But now even that problem has been resolved and people can run two separate WhatsApp accounts.

Everybody knew that WhatsApp will not provide this feature anytime soon. But there are various WhatsApp MODs in the market that provide a similar feature but many of them lack in few functionalities. So, we have found GBWhatsApp, a perfect WhatsApp MOD for that. It is developed by Has.007.

So, if you want to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device read the following tutorial:

  1. At first, go to Settings on your device, then on the Security option enable download from unknown sources.

  1. Now, uninstall all the previously installed WhatsApp versions so as to install GBWhatsApp Application.
  2. After uninstalling the official WhatsApp, download both the WhatsApp apps mentioned below:
  • GBWAPlus v6.0 for Android
  • GBWA Dual-WhatsApp v6.0 for Android
  1. After installing the GBWAPlus v6.0 on your device follow the all the steps properly similar to the official WhatsApp application.

  1. Now, you will see that WhatsApp has been installed on your device. Next, you will have to install other application which you downloaded earlier e. GBWA Dua-WhatsApp v6.0

After following all the above-described steps your WhatsApp is ready to use. And you can now see Dual WhatsApp apps running on your phone. You have to follow each and every step properly without any mistake and then you will definitely be able to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. GBWhatsApp comes with a long list of its special features which cannot stop you from downloading it like:

  • You can hide last seen for selective contacts.
  • You can now set the Group name up to 35 characters.
  • It has the ability to send all files.
  • It also gives you an option to save any status/story.
  • It also supports various languages.
  • It enables you to set your status of 255 characters.
  • You can call directly on the phone from the app.
  • It is entirely Ban Proof.
  • Incorporated with various privacy options.
  • It also enables you to click on the links without having to save any person’s contact number.
  • It also has Mod to distinguish between broadcasted and normal messages.
  • You can now pin more than 3 chats.
  • You can change the theme of WhatsApp as it has so many options to do that.
  • It enables you to change app icon, entry styles, notification icon, bubble styles and tick styles from the settings.
  • The size of the videos and audio clips can be up to 50 Mb for video and 100 Mb for the audio clip.
  • Instead of 10 images now you can send 90 images in one go.
  • It allows you to hide name and date when you’re copying two or more messages.

So, all the above-described features make GBWhatsApp an essential download. All you need to do is follow the tutorial properly and you will be able to use all the amazing features of GBWhatsApp. So, what are you waiting for? You are just one step away! Go and Try this wonderful GBWhatsApp.

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