How to Use Instagram for Search Engine Optimization?

Gone are those days of traditional marketing, when business owners had to promote their brand via print advertisement such as brochures, pamphlets, and newspapers etc. Thanks to the era of digital marketing, everything happens on the web now and every marketer has acknowledged the importance of online promotion, which means having a website. Speaking of online marketing through websites, search engine optimization or SEO is the key to online success for every business.

Although there are various means of improving your SEO, the latest addition is social media marketing that has a high potential for boosting your SEO to the optimum level. When it comes to bolstering your SEO campaign with the help of social media, nothing can be as effective as Instagram for a quick and long-lasting success. Even though there a lot of experiment in progress to determine the effect of Instagram on a brand’s SEO, it is undeniable that the visual-sharing platform has the ability to increase user engagement and brand awareness. This write-up will discuss all the critical aspects of this synergy of Instagram and search engine optimization.

Can Instagram Boost Your Search Rankings?

With more than 800 million active users, Instagram is definitely the most sought-after social media platform for both users and marketers. While users prefer the platform for increasing their social reach, it is the user engagement and large audience base that attract marketers the most towards Instagram. As you already know that social media is now an effective tool for SEO, it is time to make Instagram an integral part of your ongoing SEO campaign to boost your audience reach, which can lead to an upgrade in your search rankings. All you need is real Instagram followers who can help you in creating your own community on the mobile-exclusive platform.

Develop Your Brand Profile Comprehensively

If you have not yet switched to the business profile, you are missing out on lots of things. Modify your brand profile to a business one and see the wonders you can create with it. As you are done with the switch, the next in line is making the most of your Instagram profile bio where you can incorporate one hyperlink. Make sure you insert the link to your website that will help you in driving traffic, as well as, help you in your ongoing SEO campaign. With more followers visiting your site, you can count on more leads and conversions, which will contribute to your online marketing growth and SEO success.

Make the Most of Hashtags

Just like you target keywords in your SEO program, the hashtag research and optimization is equally necessary on Instagram. With the proper optimization and pinpointing the hashtags in your images, you can ensure more likes and follow back on Instagram. Hashtags lend the followers a medium to find your posts and connect with your brand. Hence, it is important to use the relevant hashtags for your posts on Instagram.

Tell Your Brand Story

Instagram is definitely the perfect social media channel for promoting your brand story. Its visual only nature allows you to create and share your brand story in a dynamic way through the help of unique images and videos. When partnered with relevant hashtags and enticing captions, the content on Instagram can really improve your overall SEO.


Pair Instagram with your search engine optimization campaign and see how soon you can dominate the digital marketing in your niche. Stick to the aforementioned tactics and make the best use of Instagram for your SEO marketing.

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