How to Use Skype for Inexpensive International Calls?

Video Calls, Skype

Make video calls through Skype.

Video Calls, Skype
                                                                                                                    Make video calls through Skype.

Skype is a VoIP application to make or receive calls. All you need is an internet enabled PC, or a smartphone and the world is within your reach. Unlike the traditional mobile based international calls which cost a bomb, Skype-based calls are inexpensive. The cheapest international mobile calling plans are available with Skype but to avail them you need to have the Skype app which can be downloaded from the official site.

The Skype App

The first thing you’ll need is the Skype app. It is a softphone with many features. Here is what you can do with the app:

Video Communication: It includes

Video Calls

With this app, you can make a video call with great ease. You just need a PC which is connected to the internet. The quality of video depends on the hardware you are using.

Video Conferencing 

With Skype, you can connect with multiple persons at once. It is especially useful for business, where you have to conduct online meetings. Further, you can also share the screen of your computers with others.

Video Messaging

With the apps’ video messaging functionality, you can send and receive the video messages. It is especially useful in sending offline messages to friends.

Normal Communication: It includes

Skype-To-Skype Calls

You can make skype-to-skype calls FREE, no matter which part of the world the callers belong to. You don’t have to pay anything for such calls, and this is why the Skype has gained popularity.

Skype-To-Mobile or Landlines

All such calls can be made using Skype at low prices. The call rates vary from country to country. Although calling to US & Canada is free.

Call Forwarding

The Skype will route all the calls to the number provided by you if in case you are offline. You can also receive the calls on your Skype which are coming from the Skype number.

Skype to Go

With this feature, you can call international numbers from any phone, and you’ll be charged the Skype rates only.


You can use the Skype app for text chats, whereby you can send and receive the messages online and offline as well.

Send Files

Using this app, you can easily send the files of any size or format. If you want to share photos with friends, it is the feature you can use. Further, it saves the files shared for 30-days.

Pricing & the Calling Plans

This is where the VoIP has played its part. The pricing is as under

Free Calls

All the calls which are Skype-To-Skype are free. No matter what your location is and where another person is located, if both are using the Skype platform, making calls or receiving calls is free. Further, at the time of writing this article, international calls to US/Canada is free.

Paid Calls

Skype offers the cheapest international mobile calling plans. The call rates depend on the country to which the call is made. Further, if you are making calls to landline they will be charged at the same price, the only difference is the connection fee. For more information visit the plan details. The best thing about the Skype is the availability of low price points to buy Skype credits. You can start with as low as INR 30.

What is Skype Credit?

Skype uses a credit system to connect you with friends and family. Sify and Skype have entered into a partnership which enables you to purchase Skype Credit as per your budget. The plan starts from a lowest of Rs. 30, Rs. 60, Rs. 120, Rs. 300, Rs. 600 and ranges to Rs. 1500.

If you frequently make international calls, with Skype, you can significantly bring you calling costs under control. In comparison to cellular calling, you can make cheaper and high-quality calls. Besides calling the Skype supports group calling which’s hard to find otherwise.

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