Useful Things about International Adoption

Families, considering adoption for their families have three major options – foster care adoption, domestic infant adoption, and international adoption. Though each of them has their pros and cons, they all are open to you to become a parent. If you are thinking about international Christian adoption agency, here are some things you should know.

It has become less common

Over the years, international adoptions have dropped. The reasons are many, like – children have been able to find homes in their country, or certain countries changed their policies regarding international adoption. As a result, many families turned to domestic adoption. However, there are many children across the world who are waiting for a loving home and family.

Adoption laws

Every country has different adoption laws. So, first, you need to decide where you want to adopt. By doing so, you can research different adoption laws and speak to a professional to find out whether you are eligible to adopt in a specific country or not.

Age – Common to the majority of countries, there must be a minimum and maximum age for adoptive parents. Sometimes they also need to state a minimum age difference between parents and adopted child.

Marital status – Several countries require adoptive parents to be a parent for a certain amount of time, and they may not allow same-sex and single-parent adoptions.

Income – A few times, a country’s law also requires a minimum income. Often adoptive families simply show a stable income proof.

Health – Not all the countries need health requirements. However, some may look at factors, like medical records, mental health history and so on.


The cost of domestic and international adoption varies a lot, and each type has its specific expense. An international adoption require more money and time for travel, however, the adoptive parents do not have to pay expenses to birth parents if they choose international adoption.

These are some of the things adoptive parents must know about international adoption.

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