Varanasi is a boon for explorers

Every city possesses tourist’s places for its visitors and the same case is with Varanasi. This religious capital of India has so many tourists’ places stored for visitors that no one can feel disappointed. Whether spiritual, artistic, historic, or cultural, you can find plenty of spots to witness. The beauty of this city is that it reflects the charm and glee of ancient times.

Another interesting thing is that whether you reach the city in day light or at night, you can easily get Hotel in Varanasi near station for your stay. So, why to keep yourself aloof from this land of spots and destinations?For, now, let us take a quick look at some of its engaging spots.

Superb Sarnath

It is a very famous place in Varanasi and it is a cherished spot for cultures like Buddha, Hindu and Jain. Sarnath is the spot wherein Gautama Buddha first preached the Dharma. Then Buddhist Sangha originated and came into existence because. It happened because of enlightenment of Kondanna.

This spot is placed around thirteen kilometres from Varanasi. It has been believed that there is an antique well at this place which was used by monks to live at the time of Buddha. Moreover, there is also a popular Archaeological Museum constructed for preserving and protecting the historical things. The museum has numerous ancient objects from arts of Buddhist, graphics of Hindu Gods and so on. It houses five galleries and two verandas. Actually, it is no wrong to state that Sarnath is a vibrant and rich place for traveling buffs.


PanchgangaGhat is counted to be the mythological meeting place of five spiritual rivers. There are several pictures of the five-river goddess. These are Ganga, Saraswati, Yamuna, Dhutpapa and Kirana. A huge number of devotees visit this ghat in the hopes of achieving blessings from these 5 goddesses. There you can find five idols reigning and everyone is made up of black stone. The entire ghat gives a splendid and engaging experience.

Alamgir Mosque

This mosque is very famous for its attractive architecture and fortunate location. Alamgir Mosque is located on the edge of River Ganga and relishes a picturesque site. it has been believed that it was constructed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and for constructing this mosque; he demolished the old Kashivishwanath Temple.

Actually,Alamgir mosque is a beautiful piece of architecture. This mosque is also called Gyanvapi mosque because of the well of the same name located close to it. You can experience the impact of North Indian or architecture of Hindus in this mosque. Anyhow, the most part of the mosque is designed in the form of Islam architecture. Muslims visits this place in a massive number to seek the blessings. Moreover, not just religious souls but traveling enthusiasts too visit this spiritual spot!

Thus, whether you are a traveling lover, religious soul or explorer, you can visit Varanasi to embrace the thrill. Of course, you can easily get luxury hotels in Varanasi for your stay.

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