Choosing Proper Video Editing Cards

Choosing Proper Video Editing Cards

With the fast changing world of computer and laptop technology, there is a large amount of hardware and software available to the regular user and this includes video editing cards. So, in the past, one had to purchase additional parts to make a computer more compatible with best kinds of video editing software. However, there is now the chance for an all-in-one solution that can be used by even the most uninformed computer user.

Choosing Proper Video Editing Cards

What are Video Editing Cards and who uses them?

Video editing cards are part of a computer’s software package. So, this is usually there for MPEG rendering and also real-time editing of videos. So, it is mostly used to edit videos of any format acceptable by your machine in real time, meaning that any changes you apply to the video will be immediately applied to the computer. Having video editing cards can help to:

  • Edit home videos of memorable events
  • Carry out school assignments where relevant during different events
  • Do some small scale editing as a means of generating income.

What Can Video Editing Cards do?

There are a number of things that a video editing card can do for the end user:

a)    Basic video editing facilities
b)    Video duplication during editing
c)    Conversion between various video formats
d)    Converting still images into video
e)    Archiving and compacting the video
f)     Delivery of video to its destinationVideo capture and editing

What is the Difference between Video Editing Cards and Video Capture or Video Cards?

A video capture card is useful to get pictures from television or cable onto the computer or PC. Many computers nowadays already come with this software, as well as tuner cards that enable receipt of any acceptable station onto a PC. Video capture cards also have the ability to capture external source images like from a VHS tape or earlier-generation camcorders. These capture cards can just be used via a USB port without having to download or set up anything. They also have the ability to show the user how long a given video will take to be captured.

Who are the Major Manufacturers of Video Editing Cards?

  1. Pinnacle offers video editing cards like the Chrome, Targa 3000, Blue and Pro-ONE. They also have software like the Pinnacle Edition 5 and Studio Version 8.
  2. Canopus offers the industry the DVStorm2 and the DVRex – RT Professional.
  3. Matrox offers the Digisuite MAX and the RT Mac during editing.
  4. Adobe offers one of the top notch editing software packages on the market, thePremierePremier Pro.

How to get the Best Video Editing Cards

  • Ensure that you know the specifications of your PC. In that way, you will purchase a card that will offer optimum performance. Also, you can use light but effective software like explaindio video creator for professional video edit in light PC video cards.
  • Choose the right video editing card. This means that if you are not using it for a large-scale professional job, then purchase a low-performance version, as it will be easier to use.
  • Do the relevant research and ask the customer support staff of a given manufacturer for help. This will enable you to choose what editing cards suit you best.
  • And, of course, feel free to browse our site for additional information and advice. Although we are a relatively new site, we will be adding useful content frequently to hopefully make your search for video editing cards, easier.

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