Want to Keep Great Hair? Read this!

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Have you observed leading actors with great looking hair? How do they manage to keep the hair like that? How do they do that? Here are some tips to keep great looking hair for guys. First, you need to have a great looking wardrobe. There are some who have a natural talent to get the best one. But if you don’t have it, you should learn the basics and then use them.  Some extra attention to the detail is very much needed to maintain the great looks. Follow this advice to stay young and look above par:


1. Get A Good Stylist

The first thing you should try is a great stylist. In this way, you will have the best haircut in Brooklyn. You should maintain good relations with the person who styles your hair.  A good stylist will know you better and subsequently will help you choose a style which works the best for you.


2. Learn to Communicate Well

When you are going for a haircut in Brooklyn, it is crucial that you are able to communicate with the stylist. It will ensure that you are able to clearly express what you need in terms of style. You should familiarize yourself with the terms that are used in the salon to express yourself correctly. In this way, you will be able to make the most of your salon visit.


3. Be Regular

You should visit you hair-stylist frequently. If you have a shorter style then visit after every 2-3 weeks. If you have a longer style, then you can wait until your hair is sufficiently long.  A simple thing that will help you keep in mind when you go for a haircut is ‘the same look after the haircut’. If there is a white line after the haircut, it means that you have waited too long for styling. If you feel that you need to style your hair, you may go for ‘maintenance hair cut’. In fact, almost all leading hair stylists offer quick clean up around the ear and shave the neck without any fee if you are a regular client. It is very common and you should ask for it from hairstylist as well.


4. Know the Various Styling Products

You need to have a solid understanding of the various styling products. If you are with a good stylist, he’ll take time to educate you on the usage of the product that will enhance your look. If you can spend hours making your look good, then you should at least spend some time putting a product in hair which will make them look good. Polishing your car will not style your hair thus may not make them look attractive.


5. Regularly Use the Product

You should use the product regularly no matter which style you chose to wear. For instance, if you choose to wear a shorter haircut, then applying some pomade will add shine. It will surely add more polish and shine to and will give your haircut a more polished look.


6. Don’t Stuck with A Particular Style

You should make it a point to change your style time-to-time. You should be ahead of the trend. Do you remember how many people asked you when you change the style? People take notice when you change the style a bit.  Make it a point to not stick to a particular hairstyle for long. If a hairstyle is popular during a period, then wearing it, later on, will only give a retro look! If you want to have it then it’s good.


7. Wear A Hair Style That Goes Good with Your Face

You should know how to choose the right hairstyle for your face. You should know your face shape and then pick a hair-cut that balances the facial features perfectly. If you don’t you can always discuss and he will surely help you get a style which goes best with your face. And once you have the knowledge, you will be able to make better choices while selecting the right style and communicating with your stylist.


8. Know the Right Way to Shave

If you do not how to save, then the first thing you should learn is to shave in the proper way. If you end up burning your face red while shaving then you are sure to spoil your looks. However, you can avoid such a situation by using the right technique. Buy a good quality shaving cream and a smooth razor. Now take some extra time in the morning to pay attention to this key step.


In the End

Next time when you are going for a haircut in Brooklyn, keep these things in mind and you will have a haircut which will look great on your face for long!

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