What Causes Hollow Macaron Shells?


One thing more, use premium macaron boxes to deal with this trouble. Getting custom macaron boxes is the best way to pack and present the delicious macarons as they stored in custom packaging in its excellent way. Shop the best macaron packaging to package cookies and buy macaron boxes in bulk at a discounted price. What are you waiting for, check our macaron boxes wholesale and get perfect packaging for cookies? Macarons are one of the finest confectionaries that are loved by the people globally. Having a perfect Macaron involves a lot of efforts and practice. You need to get the right recipe at first that will lead you to the ultimate final product. But, most of the time when you get started with your Macarons baking you have to face some issues like these are being chewy and hollow. The hollow Macarons are the biggest problem that you have to meet most of the times. It is disappointing when you get cracked or hollow Macarons instead of fine and elegant one. Here we have a few reasons that won’t let you get the ultimate Macarons to be fitted in Macaron boxes.


Batter consistency ensures ideal macrons

To get the perfect and ideal Macarons, it is necessary to have the perfect batter consistency. Most of the times you are unable to get the ultimate Macaron shells because of the batter consistency. Make sure that it should not be too watery or hard. In fact, all the ingredients should be mixed well into a smooth batter so that you will get the ultimate results. Make sure that you will check the consistency and keep a check on it before actually putting the recipe on the tray. Moreover, try to use custom macron boxes to package and present them in their most elegant way.

Perfect spread to get the perfect base

Commonly when you spread the batter on a baking tray, it didn’t get the even spread on the sheet. This cause the hole or hollowness in the Macarons. Make sure that you will spread the batter perfectly and evenly on the surface. This will get the perfect base and ultimate Macaron shell. Make sure your recipe will not be too watery or hard and never try to spread using any spatula or spoon. In fact after pouring the mixture on sheet tap the sheet on the shelf to get the bubbles settled and even spread of the recipe.

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Overbeaten can also be a reason

In the Macarons recipe, egg whites are the last ingredients that need to be perfect. You have to make sure that you will beat the whites at their best but not too much. To get the fluff most of the time, it gets them to overhit, and the whites loosen up. You have to make sure that egg whites will be defeated at a specific power and until a particular consistency. You have to get a smooth fluff that will not be watery or turn into something else. This will help you to avoid the hollow Macaron shells. Sometimes, the macron packaging box is too large or not the right fit to the macro on the size and hence cause harm to them. This is why it is recommended to use custom packaging. If you want to save more then buy macron boxes in bulk or from macron boxes wholesale.

The Overheated oven also causes hollowness

While baking your oven is the key player. It is always suggested to keep the oven preheated before putting any of your batter whether for cake, cookies or Macarons in it. But, at the same time, you have to make sure that it should not be overheated. The oven should be at the favorable heat temperature that is suggested and make sure to keep it checked before putting the batter into it. The overheated over can let the batter to get bubbles inside and water will vaporize that results hollowness and holes in the shells.

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Get the perfect Macarons done and packed!

Considering the mentioned points, you will be all set to achieve the best of Macarons and have them in your favourite Macaron packaging. This will help you to make some custom boxes for your loved ones to show your love. The highlighted causes and tips to resolve them will definitely lead you to have the perfect Macarons you ever wanted to have. If you want to explore more of the packaging options, then you can look for the Macaron packaging supplies online by the wholesalers. This will help you to present your perfectly made confectionaries with a style and perfection to the loved ones. This can be definitely the amazing and most loved gift ever that you can present to anyone around you.

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