What is Key Difference between Linux and Windows VPS Hosting?

Linux VPS hosting

VPS hosting makes use of the virtualized servers in which every website is provided with an independent virtual environment. In this hosting the users do not share server resources like RAM, CPU, etc. with other websites. It is created with the virtualization, but the underlying server is a robust physical server on which these servers run.  These servers can offer better server performance, security resources, and customization and shared web-hosting as well.


Choice of Operating System

When you are going for VPS hosting, you have two choices available for you. First, is Linux VPS hosting and the other is Windows VPS hosting? They both are different in many ways. Linux is an open-source operating system which offers you the free availability of software. But Windows is provided by Microsoft, and the hosting provider has to buy licenses for it, so they include the price of the license in it as well. Both operating systems differ on certain key points, and in this post, we’ll see where they differ:


1. Performance

As the internet speed is increasing, every user wants reliable and fast user experience from the websites he visits. If the site isn’t loading quickly, then you will find the number of visitors dwindling quickly. So it is crucial to choose a VPS which gives you better performance as per your needs.

  • Linux- These operating systems are designed to be used with secure remote login. VPS is managed with the help of the command line, and they are less resource hungry.
  • Windows- A significant issues with them are that you need to restart the server after any They are more resource hungry as well.


2. Overall Price

For many business owners’ price is a big concern. Now let’s see how the two compare when it comes to prices:

  • Linux- Cost is a significant concern when it comes to comparing two forms of hosting. Linux is an open source, and it does not need any licensing.
  • Windows- It is a commercial operating system that’s operated by Microsoft. They come with licensing fees.

If you have a limited budget, then Linux VPS server will come at far less cost.


3. Server Access

It is crucial that you are offered adequate server access to have better control over the websites and its different parts.

  • Linux- With most Linux based VPS services, you will get full server access. If you are looking for telnet or SSH, it is only possible with Linux.
  • Windows- With it you will only get FTP access, but you will not get SSH.


4. Control Panel

With it, you can customize and manage different settings on the website. Some well-known control panels include cPanel, Plesk, etc

  • Linux-With Linus based VPS hosting, you get cPanel or Web Host Manager
  • Windows-On this VPS, you can use Plesk which is considered is very user-friendly.


In the End

Linux VPS hosting also offers better security than Windows one. If you find a hosting provider who offers good tech-support, then you should go for the former one!

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