What is Religion – God?

I need to speak a little bit about faith. I’d like to point out that these are two totally different issues. I ‘m probably one of the most spiritual people you’ll find, but I am perhaps not at all religious. How does that function? Very basically in my mind but I know most people don’t think the way I do.

I genuinely believe that many folks have of what Lord, Paradise, and hell is a large misconception /are. God is the Universal Power, The Higher Being, anything you need to contact it. God isn’t some mythological character a large number of kilometers to the calling of the photographs of what goes down on the planet. Most are are lured into thinking this false picture of God. To help you better understand feel of it like there’s perhaps not “A” God there’s God. God isn’t independent from you Lord is within every one and within you. Paradise was never designed to be a place of the after life it was meant to be a place on the planet. The sam-e factor applies to Heck it really is just a metaphor to get a location in the world. Believe about it…don’t you realize folks who are ostensibly dwelling in Heaven and also people who are living in hell? Aka God, aka Source Power anything you want to contact it-you are essentially in Heaven, when you’re in genuine good positioning together with the Universe. The same goes for when-you’re in negativity that is real and are feeling genuine damaging feelings you are essentially in Hell. Now the term “genuine” h AS a really effective meaning and means there aren’t any unclear thoughts whatsoever to what you might be thinking. This is why many think and heaven and heck really aren’t as seri ous. They’re merely guidelines to present us the best way to reside and the way to believe. Your your thinking are extremely important as well as your feelings allow you realize everything you’ve been thinking. Click here :- is God real?

Man created faith. Although some state that these “guys” who talked to God told us what God said it was still recorded by guy. You can find just promises of people who talked to God and nothing in faith may actually be proven but I am not planning to go in that path. The purpose is faith not a higher being and was created by man. You are able to observe how much back our major beliefs of today move back and you may see how damaged our religions truly were, in the event you study history. Faith was set in place to govern individuals. That is the most basic way I can describe it. The individuals were not s Mart enough to govern themselves and needed intensive metaphors to to instruct them ideals and what is right or incorrect. Faith continues to be corrupted s O many occasions over by bad kings who employed the strength of religion to control and scare people. The original 1 Rules were really more than 200 200 pages long but some king decided it could be way too hard for the people to to find out that so he narrowed them all the way down to five that numerous commandments s O they might be easily appreciated.

I know that’s a lot to take in all a-T once but uncovered with me. Religion is not all negative, you will find many messages in it which inform us how to think and act and exhibits us vaguely what Lord is.

Does one observe just one away of millions of illustrations where faith continues to be toyed with over a large number of years. It is like one huge game of telephone and has been corrupted over often. So faith is all screwed up now what? We feel in no Thing right and should all just flip atheist? INCORRECT! Where many people mess up, this really is. They not ice corruption and the pockets and observe all these issues with religion plus they think nothing should be believed in by them. The reality is that there is a Nonphysical being which is you as well as there’s a Common Power which is much away from physical human anatomy.

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