What Make Real Estate Photographers Different From Other Professionals

Real estate photographers near me

You may have superior photography skills, but that may not be enough for your real estate business. Stepping into real estate photography requires skills, photography talent, and awareness of workflow and deadlines. If you want to hire a commercial photographer for your real estate business, knowing about their plethora of skills is paramount.

Of course, potential real estate photographers near me have developed some technical skills. They work not just as a photographer, but as an entrepreneur. Here some of their unique talent and skills that make them different from other professionals.

Video Editing

A real estate photographer not just has photo editing skills, but he/she is adept in video editing as well. They’re skilled enough to create the perfect media marketing videos for a real estate company looking to grow, advertise, market their projects, etc. With their skills, they earn people’s attention to their client’s real estate projects.

Aerial Photography


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Experienced photographers know well how to snap a photo of a construction site or soon-to-complete property. They are adept in aerial photography that allows them to capture commercial space more precisely and beautifully. From details-specific outputs to expensive market listings, they transform the concept of real estate marketing.

With drone aerial photography, photographers can encompass high aerial shots with map style views showcasing the entire property and land. They capture all angles of home/building/infrastructure: its layout, features, property line and neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities. Low elevated shots give a unique and slightly raised angle of your real estate project/property which is not possible with typical property photography.


A good commercial photographer is passionate about his/her job profile or business. They love taking photos of property exteriors and interiors. Despite the countless hours of hard work, they endeavor to click beautiful pictures of properties


Commercial photographers always have the modern photography equipment. As their skill progress, they upgrade to better stuff. They capture beautiful video images with the use of their UAV system.  They take difficult shots with the help of a crane or a tracking device. Generally, they incorporate a 3-axis gimbal camera quality that stabilizes video at medium wind velocities without the shaking that you would expect during turbulent conditions. To capture indoor shots, a superior camera stabilizer is attached to the camera that allows photographers to take excellent video for any occasion or project. A real estate photography company can provide you with 4k quality drone videos edited by their professionals, with high-quality photo images.

Those engaged in a photography business are equipped with professional grade equipment to click images that show off their skills as a photographer. They have a pool of photography talent, so they easily convince customers why your property or real estate projects are the right choice for their needs.

Creativity and Innovation

Creative and innovative skills are an add-on to a commercial real estate photographer. Some physical characteristics such as too small, too dark or too long halls or rooms may slightly or severely obstruct you from taking the shots that you want. But experienced photographers have the ability to take photos of rooms, dens, halls, offices and other places with these characteristics and let you impress your clients. As an expert, they can shoot the property from above, outside the door, above the stairs, and so on. Moreover, they take photos from unusual angles to counteract the physical hindrances.

Post-processing skills

Although you are an expert cameraman, you can’t get the exact image that you have envisioned. This is where post-processing comes in. With the right skills and sound judgment, a real estate commercial photographer can enhance real estate photos using Photoshop and other photo-editing tools and software without making them look artificial and over-edited.

Visual skills

A real estate photography company is also equipped with skilled visual artists who have far-reaching knowledge of composition rules, visual cues, and other photography rules that enable them to create a stunning image. They know how to use interplay of light and shadow to emphasize textures; they know how to maximize the use of lines to lead your viewer to your intended subject. Finally, they are familiar with forced perspective.

Bottom Line

Real estate photographers near me or even in your city can be easily available. Many top real estate photography companies are available online these days. They can take perfect photos of any properties such as residential property, commercial property, luxury property, property developers, construction inspection, special events, weddings, pets and special interests, viral marketing, and 3d mapping. Type in the search engine ‘real estate photographers near me,’ and you will get a list of top companies that deal in real estate photography.

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