What makes cloud backup important?

Disasters, either man-made or natural, have a way of disrupting the flow of life. In case of natural disasters, while people try to survive, they have little time to focus on business continuity or the security of their data stored in backup appliances. Both man-made and natural disasters have a tendency to devastate businesses that rely on either traditional storage like tape storage or just backup infrastructure.

You may have tape storage as a means to ‘instant recovery’ in case things go bad. If you do manage to secure this storage in case of a natural disaster, you do have a strong chance of restoring your entire data without a problem. In case of a ransomware (man-made disaster), that may not be possible for you.

Ransomware Threat to Backed up Data

If your data is backed up using traditional storage or tape storage such as USBs, Internal or External hard drives, then you may think that your data is safe. If ransomware does successfully lock your data, you can put the USB back in and recover your data. However, ransomware such as Cryptolocker are capable of infecting the backup in your local backup infrastructure or your tape storage. This malware doesn’t just lock your original files, it also locks the backup files. Therefore, recovery from this backup storage is not possible.

This is why solution providers emphasize on cloud backup. There are several innovative solutions when it comes to backing up to the cloud. If you already own backup infrastructure, then you can use cloud gateway appliances to convert it into a hybrid backup solution. This type of solution offers the best preventive measures against ransomware. Even if the ransomware locks the backup in the local infrastructure, it cannot gain access to the backup files in the cloud. Therefore, you can always recover your data making the threat of ransomware futile.

The necessity of Cloud Backup

For enterprises that have mission critical data that they rely on and cannot afford to lose, cloud based backup is the most optimum way to make that happen. There are several cloud solutions that provide cost efficient storage options. Enterprises can archive their data to comply with regulations and have a means to prevent damage from ransomware.

Studies have also indicated that enterprises using enterprise cloud storage solutions have increased productivity and profitability.


Cloud backup solutions are the best way to prevent ransomware from locking backup files. Ransomware are capable of locking files in traditional storage such as tape but these malware cannot reach the backup stored in the cloud; making the storage an effective way to resist ransomware attacks. Enterprises that are using cloud storage solutions have displayed improvements in work efficiency, productivity and profitability.  

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