WhatsApp Plus Download and its features

Since last two decades, Messenger has started to rule the world. Initially there were paid messenger services such as SMS (Short Message Service), apple messenger, Blackberry messenger and many more. Then, there was a advent of internet and social network communications. Soon, Facebook, Orkut messaging services was started. Then came – WhatsApp Messenger service. It only required a working phone number and data pack in your phone to chat with anybody in the world. Hence, it came to be known as freeware.


The concept of WhatsApp messenger is a cross platform instant messaging service. As smartphones have been in wide usage, the cross platform applications are being very helpful. Nowadays, WhatsApp is common application software which is very famous in many countries of the world – Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Soon, it is getting popular in North American countries too.

The WhatsApp has gained as much popularity as Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. In fact, many people feel it is more secure and easy to use than social networking sites. The application was created by California based software engineers. The company WhatsApp Inc. is located in Mountain View, California. It was acquired by Facebook in the year 2014 for about US $19.3 billion. It has huge user database of around 1 billion across the world and is still counting. WhatsApp download can be done through app store on your phone – Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc.

Additional Features of WhatsApp:

  • One to one high quality video call
  • Group text messages and individual messages
  • You can send GIF files, camera images, HD quality images, videos
  • Sync contacts from your phone and Facebook
  • You can use voice calls to make standard calls on mobile numbers
  • Share contacts from your phone to others phone
  • Share your location from anywhere across the globe
  • Update your status – you can upload the photos and write what you feel. This facility enables you to choose the audience with whom you want to share. One you upload on Status, it will be visible till 24 hours.
  • Download WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus for free. WhatsApp Plus is the latest feature of WhatsApp. It is more challenging and more exciting.
  • Download WhatsApp on any platform. Whether you are an Android user, Microsoft User or Apple User; you can download WhatsApp and start chatting.
  • Transition from your old number to your new number without losing your contacts.
  • Data can be shared easily without having to worry about data leakage and eavesdropping. WhatsApp provides facility of end to end communication.
  • You can choose your privacy settings- block people, share particular profile picture and status to certain people, let people know your time and location.

WhatsApp Plus:

WhatsApp Plus is the latest and coolest feature of the original one. It has been specifically designed for Android users. The main difference between the two is that, it is blue WhatsApp instead of green. Actually, WhatsApp Plus is known as unofficial form of the real one. However, you can enjoy all the features and have access to the privacy setting which are similar to the original version. This version allows you to customize the background appearance, theme and font colours.

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