White Label PPC Experts Optimize Your Landing Pages to Drive Conversions

Optimize Your Landing Pages

There are many companies that have managed to gain almost 100% increase in the conversions with the help of leading marketing agencies providing with PPC services, which include landing page best practices and so on. The landing page is a crucial aspect to influence the conversions and the first thing that website visitors will be viewing.

Though the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, various sites possess twice or thrice of it too by implementing the best practices, which are as follow:

Reduce the distractions –

Every website acquires an attention ratio that implies a ratio of different options available to do something on the page to the actions advertiser actually want the visitors to take, for gaining more conversions. The white label PPC service providing firms use the best practices to attain an attention ratio of 1:1, that means the page should include only what publisher desires to show and else would be considered as the distraction.

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Write relevant and catchy content –

Utilization of relevant keywords is very important to optimize the pages for different search engines. Therefore, for successful achievement of traffic to the site, the content should be catchy and relevant to the ads; otherwise, it may confuse the users thinking to land on the wrong page that may lead to adverse effects on the conversions.

In this section, uploading interesting and relevant videos can also help a lot in boosting the conversions as videos make the visitors stay longer on a page.

Place important components around the ads –

According to research, people scroll the page so swiftly that they oversee less focusing elements, which may result in the failure of the campaign. Thus, under PPC white label services, an idea to put the essential facts just below or above the fold to keep them highlighted such as call-to-action button, free shipping, discount or other information, is widely executed.

Otherwise, without CTA the visitors may also get confused about what to do in the next step, which can badly affect the conversion.

Include testimonials to gain more trust –

When it comes to shopping trust plays the major role because customers choose for a particular brand or company believing it is the best and when customers find the reviews of other shoppers their trust get stronger. Thus, adding the trust and testimonials on the landing page is a successful practice.

This enhances the confidence of visitors to actually buy the product or service, which can ultimately improve the conversion rate.

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Utilize the interactive and intuitive forms –

Visitors get annoyed by the long forms seeking lots of information to be filled and this can lead them away. If an advertiser is intended to gain the signup numbers, these types of forms are highly useful but with an appealing design and features like dropdowns and radio buttons, which doesn’t frustrate the visitors.

Under the white label PPC services, it is considered an essential trick to comprise small informative labels in every blank so the user may know as what advertiser wants them to type in.

Show urgency and scarcity –

It is simply a human nature where people find rare things more valuable. It applies on the landing pages too, as when advertiser tries to create urgency in the minds of visitors with the aim to gain more conversions, the sense of scarcity and urgency compel the customers for taking the actions.

So, offering some product or service with the headline like more than 10000 phones are purchased in the last few hours or a day, is the perfect way to grab more conversions.

Do proper formatting and use whitespace –

Pages that look great enhance the chances of appealing to more customers and making them stay on the page for a while. On the contrary, cluttered pages can distract the users and can affect the conversion campaign badly. Thus, every professional PPC AdWords management agency experts focuses on proper formatting for improving the readability and visual appeal by using a good amount of whitespace between different components of a landing page.

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Create the compliance of the page for mobile –

In today’s scenario, the smartphones have replaced several electronic and digital devices. Under this practice, companies design mobile-friendly pages as in today’s era, the maximum web traffic is created from mobile devices. This derives that if the landing page is not optimized for mobile, the advertiser may lose out on more than half the customers.

Increase the page loading speed –

Another effective practice is to diminish the duration of page loading as the more time page will take to open, the frustration will rise with the chances of distraction that result in more bounce rates and fewer conversions. Therefore, improving the page loading speed is a great option carried by almost every experienced PPC agency.

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