Why Do You Need A Team Messaging App For Business?

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The internet is the backbone of the digital economy, and more and more companies are going online to harness it. As customers get smarter with its increased usage, it has become imperative for companies to make use of the latest technologies to serve them better.  This is where a team communication app can be a boon. Let’s take a closer look:

How Is Team Communication Being Currently Taken Care Of?

Companies create groups on WhatsApp for work, but more often than not, group members use their personal phone numbers; keep switching between personal and professional chats. Understanding this problem, some companies have even started to disallow usage of everyday messengers in their offices.

A perfect classification between work and personal life is set with Team Messaging Apps(LINK). With companies increasingly looking for unified communication and collaboration solutions to cut costs, the future lies with professional team communication apps.


What Makes A Team Messaging App So Special?

These apps offer features that lead to enhanced customer orientation. Some of the features are:

#1. Team Creation

For instance, you are trying to solve a particular problem for a customer and coordination of team members from different departments is required. Here’s where a team messaging app can be very handy. With it, you can create a separate “team” and organize all documents, conversations, and discussions within it.

#2. Channelization of Projects

Team messaging apps like Facebook Workplace, Flock, Slack and others offer this feature. Using it, each project in the business can be organized as channels. This is a simple but very effective way of organizing all project related resources.

#3. Chats

Most commonly found in team messaging apps, you can send 1-1 instant messages and also conduct group discussions within channels using this feature.

#4. File Sharing

It is another very important feature that allows for organizing all the assets of a project and sharing them with other team members. Some team messaging apps provide better file organization than others.

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#5. Audio & Video Calls

The built-in audio and video calling facility allows you to call other members in your team. This feature is perfect for when you need that once-in-a-while face to face meet. You can also say goodbye to your stand-alone video conferencing systems. A team messaging app will be enough for all the communication needs of your organization.

#6. App Integration

This is another very useful feature which allows you to build custom apps and integrations to help streamline your workflow. You can also create integrations with other 3rd party productivity apps you may use.

How Does Your Business Stand To Gain?

A team messaging app with its numerous features offers the following benefits:

  • An effective and efficient solution for communication and collaboration
  • Better organization and customer orientation
  • Cost effectiveness

In the end, any such technology, whether it’s free or paid has to be used to realize its benefits. So go ahead and download some of the popular apps and start reaping the benefits early to stay ahead of the pack.


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