Why “.Com” Domain Is Still Preferred?


If you are thinking about buying a domain name, then you may be faced with a choice, whether to go with the dot-com domain or go with some other domain name. With more than 127 million domain names it is the most popular of the top level domains.


Can You Do Without A Dot-Com Domain?

First things first, your website is just unreachable without a domain name & your choice of the domain can significantly affect your marketing efforts.  Here are some of the most important things you need to consider while buying the domain name.

  • The Top Level Domain
  • The Words In the Domain

In the TLD you have many options like dot-net, dot-org, etc. but amongst them, all dot-com is the most used has made it easy to recall by the users.

Understanding The Top Level Domain

It refers to the letters present at the end of the domain name. e.g. www.domainname.com the TLD is “com.” There are various kinds of TLDs:

  • Country Code- “.in,” “.ca,” “.uk” are all top level domains that are meant to identify the country. Many global companies make use of them to for better geographic connect. It helps in better marketing and better local branding.
  • Old Generic- “.net,” “org” and “.info,” “.edu” are some of the TLDs that have been used for the specific purposes. Educational institutes make use of the “.edu” and “.org” meant to indicate non-profit organizations but later many other organizations started to use this extension
  • New Comers- These days many domain registrars offer the TLDs like “.actor” or “.biz” or “.pizza” etc.

Choosing The Right Domain Name

It isn’t always easy to get the best domain name for your business. Many factors are involved. Here are some of them:

  • Availability Of Domain
  • Existing Branding
  • Ease of Marketing

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It is one of the most important factors in deciding the fate of your domain name. If the name you have chosen already exists, then you may have to settle for another TLD or change the entire domain altogether.

For instance: www.nike.com

This domain is already occupied, but if you still want it, you can try for www.nike.net or www.nike.edu and so on. But it is not always a good idea to go for such name as it can be very confusing for the visitors.

Existing Branding

The existing branding of your business can affect the choice of your domain name.  Your customers may have some degree of awareness for your brand-name, and they access your website on the internet they search by your name first or the primary product or service provided by you. So having brand words that are most searched for the domain name can be very useful.

Ease Of Marketing

Any domain name which ends with .com domain TLD is easy to recall. The visitor may have difficulty remembering other new generic TLDs making them difficult to market and which may lead to lower visitor traffic. So it better to go ahead with the popular choice.

In the end, dot-com domains are mainly preferred as they relate to the internet easily, and the visitors are comfortable using them so you should try for a “.com” domain first.

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