Why Should You Do Rain Water Harvesting?

We all love rain, isn’t it? Rain is one natural process that helps the humanity, flora, and fauna in many ways like some agriculture, water collection, soil enhancement and much. One major reason, rain is necessary is for harvesting. Yes! We have learned in our childhood days that we should reserve rain water as much as we can and we could not understand why. On this concept, this post is here to tell you the major underlines of harvesting rainwater. Let’s have a good read!

The water falling from the sky is the purest water that we can ever get on this earth. Although, the environment in present time is polluted, still rain water after 2-3 rainfall, tends to be pure water. Rainwater harvesting is in practice since ancient times, and it brought many benefits as well. However, today, there is a lowdown of this practice due to many innovations of water reserving process.

Whatever it is, no matter how much development is going on, a natural reservoir is natural and will stay natural always. Rainwater is safe to use, at least in the place where there is a scarcity of water. Coming back to rainwater harvesting, let’s know what is all about? What is the purpose and benefits of preserving rain water?

Rain Water Harvesting—A Better Explanation

Well, starting with what is rainwater harvesting—it is a practice of collecting and then storing of rainwater after rainfall. This collection process is done either in house, farm, agri-fields, etc. basically rainwater harvesting can be done in smaller quantity or large quantity. Many people at villages reserve rainwater for the homely purpose.

How Is Rain Water Harvesting Done?

The entire rainwater harvesting process is done by keeping a rain barrel in outer space. This is done when the collection of rain water needs in small quantity. Whereas, for large reserving process, rainwater harvesting tanks are installed in which rain water is collected in large quantity. Earlier this reserving process was done in the rural area, but now the process is done in major cities and metro cities to help the villages in the supply of water.

The main factor behind today’s preserving natural water process is because of beginning and inspiring the industrial developments to collect water for multiple uses. This is also practiced today because the world is losing its water quantity due to globalization.

Rain Water Harvesting Facts

Here are some facts that prove rainwater harvesting is crucial and beneficial—

  • With the help of rainwater harvesting process, people can reserve 80% of water annually when the rainy season starts. This 80% water can be used for many months on easy notes.
  • The average of 600 bottles of rainwater can be easily saved in one rainy season.
  • The rainwater harvesting tanks can reserve a large quantity of rain water for annual use.
  • An average rainwater harvesting tank can store 1000 gallon of rain water at once.
  • As the rain water is heavy, the reserved water can be highly used for almost all homely purpose, except drinking.

Benefits of Rain Water Harvesting

For the people who allow rainwater to be one, an essential part of their life are blessed with numerous benefits. And, the benefits are—

  • The harvesting rainwater helps in controlling storm-water run-off that reduces the risk of soil erosion in gardens, lawns or agriculture fields.
  • By harvesting rainwater, the chances of the local threat of flooding get reduced to a great extent.
  • The reserved rain water also helps in environmental balance by stopping scarce of water on land and reserved water could be used for enhancing soil quality.
  • Rainwater can also help people in saving money on water bill and taxes by preserving the natural water. The reason is the rain water is practically free and natural. So, no taxes of using rain water at least.
  • The most surprising fact is that the people are generally offered with reduced rates and rebates on water bills. The rainwater collected can be saved by filling more than 15 bathtubs.
  • Rainwater harvesting decentralizes the water supply which means people are not required to be dependent on municipal sources. The people who choose to harvest rainwater are never asked to pay for the water taxes and have control on rainwater source in using for several purposes.

So, you must have now understood why harvesting rainwater is one best thing, especially in today’s time. That is really a friendly thing which every person and we need to know and do it.

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