Windows Hosting: The Choice of Today’s Business Firms


Windows hosting solutions are in demand because of its significant advantages. The hosting type is a perfect choice for those using ASP and .NET scripts or Microsoft Exchange but its price is a bit higher. For the low-cost hosting, you should opt for Linux servers, but the main drawback of a Linux server is that it isn’t suitable for the site using ASP and.NET; here you’ll need a Windows host to make it work. There are some other good reasons to not to select Linux hosting, have a look at the below-mentioned points.

Choosing a Windows server hosting for your business that also include Windows VPS server hosting and Windows dedicated server hosting, let you select software applications from a wide variety of Corporate Microsoft applications that will be helpful to enhance your business. Some of these applications are:

Microsoft Exchange Server



Microsoft Exchange server is the most popular enterprise collaboration system which will allow organizations to streamline corporate communication. For the successful implementation of Microsoft Exchange Server, you will need a Windows VPS server or Windows dedicated server according to your requirements that include the creation of interactive email system for employees. Some of its main features are:

  • Protect your official data with data loss prevention capabilities
  • Keep all your business emails & important data in one place
  • Enable employees to collaborate on projects
  • Provide high level of security to business emails
  • Give your employees a touch-enabled inbox experience
  • Brings all your official contacts in one place



Microsoft Hyper-V is a type of software that works on Windows Server 2008, and you may make use of Hyper-V to create a virtualized hosting environment which is a crucial step in making your IT operations streamlined and cost effective. It will reduce the overall cost of hardware requirements by consolidating a number of servers into virtual machines on a single server. It is becoming popular among business people who want to cut down their business costs.

  • Resize virtual hard disk
  • Linux support
  • Automatic virtual machine activation
  • Live migration
  • Virtual fiber channel
  • Importing of virtual machines

Windows Hosting – Best Compatibility

  • With All Types of Microsoft Applications

If you have designed a website with Microsoft products such as FrontPage, then Windows hosting will be very beneficial for such a website. It is because, as far as the database support is concerned, Windows hosting is recognized as the brilliant choice that helps website owner to accomplish their business goals. In order to search the best web hosting company you can search online there, you will find a lot of website hosting services. Many of us don’t know why it is beneficial if you will get windows web hosting for your business. The reason is the compatibility with Microsoft products & applications that most of the site owners search for these days. With this, you can attain a great level of reliability in your business operations.

Windows Hosting – Best Security Features

hosting security

  • Keep your Site Protected from Hackers & Malware Activities

It is obvious that Microsoft software is compatible with other hosting accounts but using windows hosting service will give you more benefits that no other web hosting service will provide. You must keep in account that a web page with Microsoft enabled features to need Windows hosting platform to keep running at its best.  When it’s about protection from viruses, then you need not to worrying too as Windows hosting services will come with best security features that help to keep your website protected from possible hackers and other malware.

Bottom Line

The Windows web hosting services in India provide you with the best functionality that you’re looking for your website. You can find relevant options on the net where you can compare prices in terms of getting the best windows hosting.


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