WWE 2K18 Release Date: What’s in Store for the Series in 2017?

WWE 2K18: There has been a lot of wishful thinking about 2K Sports’ upcoming installment in the famed WWE gaming series. While we all know that the publisher along with the games’ current developers Visual Concepts aim at pushing out a new title every year, this annual itinerary is taking a visible toll on the potential of the series. This is because competition in the gaming industry is getting tougher with each passing year. And it seems that for the creators, the only way to come out on top is by adding a host of new features to the games.

However, that is bound to have some adverse effects on the total outcome if the base is ignored. And that has been one of the major points of concern for fans over WWE 2K18. While the latest entry in the series brought in a number of new features that made the game feel more lifelike, the problems with the engine stuck out like a sore thumb. Needless to say, the necessity of pushing out one new title every year has resulted in the games becoming feature laden, which ultimately results in a weak gameplay as the engine keeps getting older.

In addition to that, many fans who have been associated with the series from its beginnings are also of the opinion that the series has moved much away from its Smackdown glory days. And the only way to correct all of these issues in a single iteration would be to skip a year’s entry and dedicate the next two full years to bring us the WWE 2K game that we deserve. But there is one huge downside to that issue- the fact that there would be no WWE 2K18. So what could really happen? Will 2K really take the leap and skip this year’s game to move to 2019?

While nothing can be said for certain at this point, all we can do is weigh out the situation based on WWE 2K17. And when we do that, one thing is pretty clear, that Visual Concepts and 2K are hard at work on improving the games as much as possible. To take WWE 2K17’s example, the issue with the gameplay was apparent, but 2K did make a number of significant changes to keep from overburdening the game. So while on the one hand they added some really cool mechanics both in and out of the ring, they did end up removing one of the biggest and most popular features: the 2K Showcase. The creators have not given out any specific reasons for this exclusion, but there is little doubt that it will come back with a bang in the next entry. And with Kurt Angle’s possible return to wrestling in 2017, 2K might not want to miss out on the opportunity of centering WWE 2K18’s Showcase around the celebrated star, or at least that’s what we hope.

Taking all of that into consideration, we don’t think there should be any doubts that WWE 2K18 is definitely happening this year. But the worries that insightful fans have expressed are not to be taken lightly. We hope that 2K is listening and they come up with some much needed fixes before they launch WWE 2K18 around October, 2017.


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