YELLOW TEETH WARNING: There’s More to What Causes Them Than Just Bad Oral Hygiene

Teeth are supposed to be white, clean and nice to look at. What makes the teeth hard and white on its surface is the enamel. Under the enamel is dentin, a pale brown substance. If the tooth enamel is thin, dentin tones become visible. When that happens, the teeth appears yellow-ish or indeed yellow.

Sometimes, people with yellow teeth get bullied by others. I remember a schoolmate back then who was bullied by some of our classmates because of her yellow teeth, and teases her with the word “corn” (cooked corn is yellow). Yellow teeth don’t look so good at all. It looks weird. It looks like “bad oral hygiene”, but here’s a surprise: They are not always about bad oral hygiene. Then what more?

Below are other things and situations that cause human’s teeth to be yellow in color.

CAUSE #1: Drink Drank Drunk

Pexels – Alem Sánchez

Coffee, tea, wine, cola and soda are just some of the dark beverages that you probably drink often. Yup, they cause yellow teeth. Those heavily colored, alcoholic and artificially sweetened drinks can. How? The acid content in those drinks wear off the enamel on your teeth. Aside from they make the teeth’s whiteness dull, they also push them prone to getting stained and discolored.

CAUSE #2: Age Matters

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Whether you like it or not, you age; we all do. As you grow and age, naturally, the outer covering of the enamel on your teeth diminishes, making the dentin unconcealed.

CAUSE #3: Those That Make You Well

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Medications — you drink them to heal and recover from an illness; they, too, can cause teeth yellowing. Well, I’m not sure if you do hate drinking antibio

tics, but I do. Seriously, they don’t taste well! Antibiotics namely doxycyline and tetracyline cause teeth to grow yellow for kids below 8. Other medicines that lead to teeth discoloration include allergy and high blood pressure antidotes. Surprisingly, mouthwashes can also make teeth yellow.

CAUSE #4: Grind Time

Photo Source: Moorabbin Dental Group

It’s not the gym, man. It’s teeth grinding! It makes makes the teeth yellow. You sometimes do this unconsciously when you’re stressed, too focused or asleep. It may seem simple and harmless because you’re doing “nothing bad”, but truth be told, teeth grinding damages the enamel on your teeth. Too much, too often and too forceful teeth grinding can wear it out, and it’s surely unhealthy for it might lead to cracking aside from yellowing.

CAUSE #5: The Dentist’s Thing

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons – Kauzio

Who would’ve thought? Some dental materials and procedures can cause teeth to turn yellow and discolored. Have you seen someone who has a silver thing on his/her tooth? That isn’t some design. He/she underwent amalgam restoration. Dental amalgam, also called silver fillings, is used in filling cavities. Such materials and procedures, due to its many other chemical contents, may cause the teeth to turn dark in color.

CAUSE #6: It Runs in the Genes

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You might ask, “How do genes even care?!” Teeth just don’t literally seem to be part of the “genes” because of its uniqueness among all the other body parts. Genes have something to do with them too. Teeth color and enamel penetrability are affected by deviations in genes. Enamel or dentin may develop distinctly in different family members, but since factors for nourishment in the family lean toward a lot of similarities, they have alike teeth appearance and structures.

CAUSE #7: Darling, You’re Ill.

Photo Source: Pixabay – oswaldoruiz

The worst thing that causes discolored and yellow teeth is illness. Many diseases affect enamel and dentin can result to tooth discoloration. Bulimia, an eating disorder that involves vomiting, can cause yellow teeth. Yellow teeth could also be a signal that you have Celiac Disease, wherein your immune system responds to gluten in your food. Liver problems can bring about yellow teeth too.

Aside from being effects and symptoms of some diseases, yellow teeth and teeth discoloration can also be due to treatments done. Chemotherapy and head radiation are some. For pregnant women, their babies’ teeth may be discolored if their moms experience certain infections that harm enamel development.


Now, you know that yellow teeth are not just caused by bad oral hygiene, you must be extra careful, specifically in two ways.

First, be extra careful with your health. Lifestyle has a lot to do with having yellow teeth, so as your food and drink choices. None of us also aren’t growing younger. You age, and your teeth changes, so while you still can, be careful of what you consume through your mouth, your teeth.

…and second, be extra careful with how you talk about someone’s yellow teeth. Teasing or bullying people whose teeth are yellow is not good and offensive. You never know, it might be running in his/her family’s genes. Worst, you never know, he/she might be very ill and undergoing a serious health treatment for it. Be mindful.

Again, keep in mind that there’s more to causes of yellow teeth than just bad oral hygiene.  

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